Tuesday, July 29, 2014


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  Ode to summer quotes - "Porch sitting allow(s) great lapses while thoughts (are) gathered, or while there is no thinking at all."  from John Grisham's, "The Summons"
QUOTE II:  "This isn't a porch . . . This is a stoop!   A porch has a railing all around it, and it's all white, and it has a swing and some rocking chairs . . .and a little table with lemonade glasses, and warm nights, and fireflies, and crickets, and soft music, and a moon in the sky . . . "  Linus in a Peanuts comic strip
Divorce sometimes happens - but to pretend it isn't a big thing does not help the situation.  Here is a response to a Hufington Post article that challenges what it considers the benefits to children of divorce.
Hallie sent this in: "Attached is the photo of the Little Flower on the rose petal I showed you yesterday from the Rhoda Wise house. It is just so cool!"

Kevin sent this article in about a Catholic composer.
Here is over an hour of his music but I do not recommend it for work.  It is entitled "Sleep Music."

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