Friday, July 11, 2014


Dei Verbum paragraph 15
What other founder of a religion was foretold by prophets?  It is a common theme of stories now, in everything from Star Wars to Game of Thrones, but where historically has it happened?  With Jesus Christ.  (There are some who believe the prophet Mohamed was thusly foretold, but not without controversy.)  The place we look to see Jesus’ birth and reign, of course, is the Old Testament.  It is one of the reasons the Old Testament is so important for us.  Though the writings may contain matters that are “imperfect and provisional” for the Christian, they “never-the-less show us divine and authentic teaching.”  It is like understanding how your parents grew up before they met, married, moved, and had kids.  It explains a lot!  Therefore we are to hold dear these writings with their sublime teachings on God, wisdom, human life, as well as its “wonderful treasury of prayers.”  But so too is the mystery of our redemption hidden.

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