Wednesday, June 18, 2014


That’s about all I got Father unless you have some suggestions.”


Occasionally this is a statement that comes up at the end of someone’s confessing of sins.  And sometimes I might offer a few suggestions of commonly unconsidered things.
Here is one example:  Remember when you were a kid and you abused your toys and received a lecture about, “Do you know hard your parents had to work to pay for that?  It is not going to be replaced simply because you abused it.  You need to learn to take care of your things . . . etc. . . “


In a similar vein I ask, “Are you taking care of your body?”


ü  Do you get enough sleep?

ü  Are you eating well?

ü  Are you exercising?

ü  Are you following the advice of your doctor?

ü  Are you dressing modestly?

ü  Are you careful about using your senses in what you read, watch, touch . . .


Your body is a great gift.  Through it you receive all the graces of God and in particular the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ.  It is a Temple of the Holy Spirit.  And it was a free gift to you.  No matter how far science advances, you only really get one body.  Like the rest of your possession it should be respected and treated well, given regular maintenance (like your house or car), and honored as a sacred gift given to you by Someone you love and Who loves you. 

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