Friday, June 27, 2014


Dei Verbum paragraph 13

One of my university classes (before seminary) was a class in which we were told we would learn how to communicate with anybody in the world.  That sounds intriguing does it not?  Although some of the class was extremely interesting, one of the first days when we were learning how to ask people around the globe where the bathroom was by placing our hands in the afflicted area and crouching with a pained expression on our faces, and the standing up with our arms out, palms up, indicating, “Where?” I remember thinking, “If my father ever found out how much money I paid to learn this he would go through the roof.”
But communication is important and how does one communicate with one who does not speak the same language?  What if you are God and want to speak to men?  What if you want them to write something down?  Yet God finds ways to get His message to us.  His words become human words in the Scriptures just as His Son took on flesh and became man.  They are, in every way, His words but they are in our language just as the Son is in every way THE Son from all eternity, but He took on a human nature and entered our world physically so that we could see Him, talk with Him, hear Him, relate to Him, be healed by Him, and know Him.

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Pat said...

My son recently was in charge of training a man from China, who works at his company's affiliate in that country. A similar situation ensued, where the gentleman could not speak English well enough to communicate His "need" and so resorted to such gestures.