Friday, May 9, 2014


You might have noticed that there was no post yesterday.


I was sick as a dog (whatever that little saying means.)


I am still under the weather today (whatever that little saying means.)


The difference between yesterday and today is that yesterday was also a calendar packed day and when I had five minutes to sew together I sat in my chair and tried to breath and rest my eyes.  I did only that which had to be done.  Sebastian still needed walked.  Sacraments still needed to be celebrated.  The staff meeting still had to take place.  There was a person who wanted a meeting because she wants to be Catholic – these things you don’t put off unless you really have to.

A week ago I was walking Sebastian around the property and was just overwhelmed at how fortunate I was, not only to be a priest, but to be a priest of this parish.  So many wonderful things take place here.  I just had to stop and give thanks to God – stop everything – pause – and say thank you.
That’s when it hit me: Do I only say thank you when things are going my way?  I do.  Why am I not always thankful?  Ten billion things needed to go right for me to recognized one thing that is not going my way and I can allow that to ruin an otherwise good day.
So today, I am achy, I have a headache, I can’t breathe through my nose, my throat is sore, and I am losing my voice.  But you know what, that just points out to me what a wonderful life I do have normally.  99.99% of the time I can breathe, I do feel good, I do have a voice.  This little glitch should remind me of the great gifts that I do have.  So even though I don’t feel on top of the world today, God, I thank you for the many blessing that there really are present seen a little cloudy today through mucus and interrupted by coughs and sneezes.  You remind me to be thankful for these things I take for granted.  What wonders you give.


So, if I’ve learned my lesson, may I please breathe again now?


lgreen515 said...

Hope you feel better soon, Father.

Unknown said...

Your Honesty about your own humanity and weakness are just as inspiring as your written words found on Adam's Ale. It is we that are blessed to have such a humble, but Holy Pastor. Keep up the good work and the good words Father! Because the ripples of your words travel much further than you can imagine. I pray you feel better soon!

Kathy said...

Great reminder to stop and realize when things aren't all that great I should still be thankful. Thank you Father