Tuesday, March 4, 2014


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "There were only two sorts of women so perfervid in their devotions: madwomen and saints, nor were the two species entirely distinct.  One must be a little mad to be a saint, at least as the world measured madness."  from Micheal Flynn's, "Eifilheim"
QUOTE II:  "But poverty is not merit enough . . . many a gartner in his hut loves riches more than does a generous and open handed lord."  same source
QUOTE III:  "The rich man finds it more difficult to see Christ because the gold dazzles his eyes; but never forget that it is the man that sins and not the gold."  same source.
Matt sent this site in that shows you around the nook and crannies of Saint Patick Cathedral in New York.  Thanks!

From Michelle:  "EWTN is launching a brand new app to help you prepare for Lent – and it’s available now! If you download our free app and take our “Daily Lenten Scripture Reading Challenge,” at the end of Lent, you will able to say that you read all four Gospels! It’s easier than you think!  You can download EWTN’s free app at www.ewtnapps.com/challenge or get it directly from iTunes, Google Play or Amazon apps for Kindle Fire. If you already have the EWTN app, the Scripture Challenge is included with the update."
JP sent in this article concerning Rolling Stone's nine ridiculous statements about Pope Francis.  Read more here.  Thanks.
This is really, really cool.  Frank sent it in.  This site lets you keep track of the current location of the International Space Station.  You can then click on the map (unless it is over the ocean) and Google Maps will let you explore the area directly underneath.  Pretty cool.  Thanks.
This week's video is not a video - it's a pod cast.  You need not listen to the whole thing (unless you want to.)  The part I recommend starts at about 35:09 and goes to about 40:00.  The only thing you need to know (which I had to look up) is "what is a brony."  It is an adult that is a fan of My Little Pony."  Enjoy.  Go here.
Oh!  And happy Fat Tuesday!


MaryofSharon said...

The "Geek Priest" is a riot! A Dutch priest all into Dr. Who, etc! It was interesting to hear that Europeans have not picked up on the American liturgical music of the past several decades which seems to dominate here in the U.S.

I'm assuming that you are most especially aiming to draw our attention to the musical comparison just past 40:00 min. Here's a a handly little audio clip of "My Little Pony...Glory to God" (Just had to do that to test and see if I could link to the video clip.) It is downright strange. I have to wonder if that is complete coincidence or if one composer borrowed from the other. The "Glory to God" didn't come out until 2010 in preparation for the new translation, so .......

Last Lent you got us visualizing Teddy Bears on plates at Mass, and now we are going to be envisioning prancing colorful cartoon ponies! What next?

As I was looking around for more on the crazy similarity of those two songs, I came across an interesting video about the music that is most appropriate for Mass and a spectacular longer video called Sacred, Beautiful, and Universal. Can you imagine attending a Mass at which hundreds of the finest musicians and singers of sacred music participate? How about if you, your music director, and schola director go to their conference this summer in Indianapolis?

Unknown said...

Has anyone notice the My Little Pony figures in the choir loft? I am a brony and all but I don't want poines invading the Church.