Friday, March 14, 2014


Last week we bid farewell to Lumen Gentium thought there is an appendix attached to it.  If you are really interested in that, you can find it on line.

Today we embark on a new constitution from the Second Vatican Council: Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation.  The title is clear enough but it leaves something to be desired as a marketing gimmick.  The Latin title which we will be using is Dei Verbum.
In these introductory paragraphs it talks about God trying His best NOT to be mysterious.  God wants to be to you like a Father and not one that divorced your mother, got remarried, and now lives in another state.  It is intimacy with you for which He is looking.
From the very beginning, God walked and talked with us in the Garden.  He lavished us not only with life but with every gift.  It was not God who turned away from us because of sin, but we turned away from God.  Immediately Adam and Eve cover over themselves and hid.  That is what sin does, it causes division; division between us, between us and God, and even within ourselves.  And division does not do a whole lot of good for communication.  The whole Old Testament seems to be the story of God trying to break back into history, re-establishing communication and connection, revealing Himself to us so that we might know and love Him Who so loves us.
Revelation comes to us through deeds and words though it is the words that transmit that revelation to us by way of proclamation and Church teaching.  Finally the fullness of revelation came to us by The Word, God made flesh, the Son of God coming among us: Jesus Christ.  It is in Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit that God reveals Himself to us.  It is also in Christ, through the Holy Spirit that we return to the Father.

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