Friday, March 29, 2013


May God fill you with His grace on this Good Friday

If you have to work today or are otherwise kept from getting to Good Friday services today, you may still offer up prayers this afternoon and unite them with Church all over the world as we commemorate the Passion of Our Lord.  If you can, I suggest to you the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
Other things to consider on this holy day:
The Vatican proclaims 65 new 20th century martyrs.  Read more here.
Pope Frances washes the feet of 12 persons on Maundy Thursday.  Read more here.
If you live locally, services at St. Sebastian Parish today:

Family Stations of the Cross:  NOON
Good Friday Services:  3:00PM
Saturday we will have the Blessing of Foods at 1:00PM.  For more information on this service click HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to the staff of Adam's Ale and Fr. V!

Here are some interesting links:

This article is about a make up artist who also restores church artifacts!

And also, here is a music video with scenes from The Passion of the Christ. If you can't make it to a service today, I'm sure this will touch you!

Happy Easter to all and God bless!