Monday, November 12, 2012


A wonderful phone call came into the rectory this past week:

Well, it seemed almost that quick.  The desk is absolutely beautiful, solid wood, a nice antique.  And huge.  And heavy.  Even in a house of this size a lot of prep work needed to go in to making room for it.
There is no easy way to get anything into this house.  The driveway door is tiny and involves corners and steps so most large things like pianos and desks must be delivered through the front door.  Unfortunately there is no way to get to the front door and so such things must be carried from the street down a long and uneven sandstone path and up steps.  Fr. P and I are very grateful to the fellows who helped get this behemoth thing into the house.
And that is when the life sized game of checkers began.
So of course my desk had to moved and so Fr. P and I moved it out of my office and then carried the new desk in.  It was apparent almost from the start that it would not fit, so we moved that desk back out and moved the original desk back in.  Deciding that it might fit in his office better we moved his desk out and moved the new desk in.  But what to do with his desk?
We moved a desk out of the Chesterton Room in the west wing and moved it to the top floor where we have a new resident's room that needed furnishing and so went to move his old desk to fill the space now open in the Chesterton Room.  We fought winding stairs, many corners, and worst of all . . .

Small door ways.  There are three sizes of doors in this rectory: Ginormous, oddly narrow, and "Who in their right cotton-picking mind ever thought that a door this small would be useful?"

We twisted it, flipped it, wedged it, took the door off and . . . nothing.  It just wasn't going to happen.  So we finally resorted to taking the desk apart in order to make it fit.


Anonymous said...

Measure twice, carry once.... :)

Fr. V said...

Yah, I know.


Matt W said...
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Michelle said...

This made me laugh as much the same events transpired with the move of a set of shelves from my old lab to my new lab (from the ancient wing of the building to the slightly less ancient wing). All the doors of different sizes...we finally took the shelves apart into somewhat more than a dozen pieces. They look great....