Monday, October 3, 2011


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:Emotions have no IQ.” Speaker unknown

QUOTE II: “Love enters and leaves when it wishes but loyalty stays forever.” Speaker unknown


It’s been a long spell since Adam Alers got together but our local Chesterton community is getting together and if you are interested you might want to participate. (Click on the Chesterton picture to the right.) Dale Ahlquist is coming to the Mayfield Sand Ridge Club to speak as a benefit event to support the Lyceum on November 12th from 7:30 to 10PM. For more information call the Lyceum at (216) 707-1121.

This was sent to us through the diocese:  "I want to let you know about my new website designed specifically for men struggling with pornography. On this site, one can learn about the addictiveness of porn, and how porn affects men, women, children and teens. It also discusses the recovery process and how Catholic spirituality is a crucial part of the process. Log on to and let me know what you think of it. Please also share this information with your friends, family, colleagues and the people you serve. Thank you!"

Fr. D sent this video in along with this to ponder:  "It makes me wonder about the emotional reaction of all the folks Jesus healed in the Gospels - you know, the blind, the deaf, the paralytic, etc. It makes me wonder how many of them shed tears of joy upon being healed. Of course, the deepest kind of healing is always spiritual healing, but since grace builds on nature, this clip helped me understand why physical healings were such an important part of Jesus' ministry - they got people's attention. Such miracles opened people up to the possibility of spiritual conversion."

News from the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter: "At the request of Most Reverend Richard Lennon, pastors have been asked to review Cardinal Daniel DiNardo's Respect Life Statement pertaining to October as "Respect Life Month." Bishop Lennon asked his pastors to communicate this statement." Read the statement here.

From the same source:  "Did you know, the Diocese of Cleveland web site now features a multimedia player from Catholic News Service (CNS)? It's located right under the rotation of five news stories on the diocesan web site home page." See here.

Any opinions on the updated Blogger page layout?


Adoro said...

Oh, Fr. V., I wish I could come back to Ohio again and have our crew present, all of us, once again!

That was the ultimate Adam's Ale experience and because of it, we all have friends we never would have met in person. That was...all God, all the time! LOL

And I do wish I could bring my dog out to play with Sebastian...they'd have a blast!

I'm sorry I don't comment much anymore. Always following but often just have nothing to say or add to the discussion.

God bless and I miss you and all you Ohioites!

Cracked Pot said...


I like the layout; it's easy to read.

And thanks for asking. I thought there was something wrong with my computer.

Anonymous said...

love the new layout

Sarah said...

Nice layout. I prefer the font choice of Monday and Tuesday to that of Wednesday. The font on Wednesday (Times New Roman or similar) may just be too small, but it is not as easy to read, especially on a small mobile device.
Thanks for asking.