Monday, March 14, 2011


I remember my first assignment under Fr. Bob Hilkert (RIP). He was a great preist and good friend. One day he said to me, "Valencheck, you have beautiful handwriting. Too bad nobody can read it."
There was a complaint about modern day young vicars by an older priest recently. "They spend too much time on their computers!" he said. Another priest pointed out to him that where we relied on books, they rely on thier computers. "Their calendar is on thier phone, thier camera is on their phone, their breviary is on their phone, Scriptures are on their phone, homily helps are on their phone, recorders, GPS, books, music, Internet, more than we know is on their phones. AND they can even use them to make phone calls." So they were cut a lot of slack.

See how much this younger crew misses out on?


Anonymous said...

I am all about the spice of life Fr. V, but should we not make sure that our spice of life does not become another's (the person whose appointment we are to keep) disappointment because we missed it or were ill-prepared.

It is the structure of the calendar that gives us real freedom and I think the real spice happens during the appointments as well as what happens in the gaps of our planners.

- A downy-feathered curate

Cracked Pot said...


I thought that only doctors had bad handwriting.

Matt W said...

Round goes to Downy.

Robert M Kraus Sr said...

Father Bob Hilkert was my patron . . . the most trusted client that I ever had in my life. Coffee, NO . . . milk, NO . . . a martini, YES


Matthew said...

While I do enjoy having a handwritten calendar, I'm with Fr. P on the glass of milk :) God willing, I will be accepted to seminary soon, and someday have a pastor much like you. God bless, Fr. Valencheck!

Fr. V said...

Hey Matthew - Fr. P and I will pray for you!

RMK - Stop by, we'll have one and talk about him

Nan said...

So good that your baby priest has a sense of humor! I sometimes imagine him with a beer instead of the glass of milk. Or maybe chocolate milk?

Patty said...

Fr. V.,

I don't know what I would do without the calendar on my smart phone. But I have respect for those who prefer not to use the latest in modern technology. It can be addicting.

I used to (kind of) use a Franklin planner but it was bulky and I didn't have it with me half the times I needed it. The electronic version works much better for me. I can even set up alarms to remind me of appointments.