Tuesday, December 14, 2010


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “John Paul II drew great attention not because he got faith to align with society, but because he challenged society.” Fr. Benedict Groeschell CFR

QUOTE II: “In Church one Sunday I realized that being a Lutheran meant more than simply attending services. Ultimately, it meant believing everything that the Lutheran Church believes and teaches, and I simply couldn’t accept the changes in its teachings. They implied that individual judgment takes precedence over authority; that no Pope, no council, and certainly no Church can dictate how a person should live. Therefore, if need be, I was free to create a religion to suit myself. I realized that Luther had done just this; and because he had, I could no longer remain a Lutheran.” by Tim Drake in the book “Surprised by Truth 2”


Those of you in town: On Friday, December 17th, the WALSH UNIVERSITY CHAMBER SINGERS will be performing at St. Sebastian at 7PM. "Sing Angels, Kings, and Folk" Admission is free.

This was sent in by Lynn. In is not particularly religous in anyway but worth a gander. They may look like they are goofing around but there is an incredible amount of talent going on here.

The Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter reports, "Cleveland Bishop Richard Lennon uses his address to the First Friday Club of Cleveland as a teaching moment with a message for youth on the Catholic view of particating in God's plan." Read more and see the video here.

From the same source: NEWS TO ME!: "Did you know, this year on the feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8) apparitions of Our Lady in Wisconsin have been given official diocesan approval? Reading from his decree at a special Mass on December 8 at the Champion, Wisconsin shrine, Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay stated..." Read more here. "Our Lady of Wisconsin?" That will take some getting used to.

Not Catholic but inspiring none-the-less. Sent in by another Lynn! Thanks.

There have been some updates at Living Faith Network - helping bring faith the workplace.

If you need a laugh, CK sent this in. It helps to have and love dogs. I was snickering in my office for some time over this one. Thanks CK.


Karen said...

Thanks for posting that last link. That is incredibly funny. However, I don't think my dog was too pleased that I forgot I had him outside in 26 degree weather while I was reading it. Oh well, he should just be grateful that was wearing a coat and that five year olds ask questions like "Why is the dog staring in the house, Mommy?"

Matt W said...

You know what GK says about dogs and manhood.