Tuesday, April 20, 2010


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “Envy is an open wound in human nature, which is likely to become infected.” Fr. Benedict Groeschel CFR

QUOTE II: “Just because I don’t believe in a place does not mean that I won ‘t end up there.” Fr. Peter Stravinskas


Recently U.S. Congregations completed a survey of church congregation leaders in the United States. (I participated in it.) The survey includes all denominations and faith groups. The average congregation size in the U.S. is about 130 active participants. (In the Diocese of Cleveland we would close a place that small!) The median number of a place with only one priest/minister is 100. (In the Diocese a place technically needs 2,500 families to warrant a second priest though the bishop does make exceptions.) The average age of a leader is 55. (I am 44.) The percentage of women pastors has risen to 28% in the past 8 years. The median work week is 50 hours and most report taking at least one day off. 13% of pastors blog. 93% report being happy in their vocation. (WOW!) For more on this survey look here and for more on the survey on which this one was builds look here.

If you would like to see National Institute for Media and the Family look here.

Fr. F sent this in: Spanish cloister nuns see resurgence. About four minutes. Thanks friend.

The Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter asks, "Did you know, April is Child Abuse Prevention Month? The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' (USCCB) Secretariat of Child and Youth Protection has compiled a number of resources to use in April."

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