Tuesday, September 1, 2009


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “I love it when people say such things as, ‘Giving should be just between giver and God.’ That is malarkey. It is never just between the giver and God and has been . . . In reality, for most of us, ten to twenty people will have access to information about what we choose to give. This is not about the donor and God. It is about the donor and pastor and the fact that many do not want the one who runs their church to know they support it so poorly.” from J. Clif Christopher’s, “Not Your Parent’s Collection Plate”

QUOTE II: "Stop helping God across the road like a little old lady". from a song by U2. h/t to Warren.


WOLF! WOLF!” I’m trying not to just holler “wolf!” here. I am ready to really start a Chesterton Society here at St. Sebastian. M. W. are still interested in being point man??? Anyone else interested? This is good time to start up because there is lots of good Chesterton news going on in these parts:

Ellen sends in this information: “I was at the annual Chesterton conference last week and Dale Ahlquist, president of the American Chesterton Society, expressed an interest in having the annual (national!) conference at John Carroll University in a couple of years! (Since they have a Chesterton collection of their own.) This would be a grand opportunity, but a lot of work to be done locally. We are talking 2012 at the earliest. The next two conference are going to be in the DC area, then St. Louis.”

She also writes, “Chuck Chalberg is going to be touring in 2010 and is looking for bookings in Northern Ohio. I wonder if anyone would be interested in sponsoring an "evening with Chesterton" show in April 2010?” I’ve got a hall and a little bit of green – can anybody help sponsor?

And CONGRATULATIONS to the Warren Chesterton Society on celebrating their 5th year this September!


Interested in seeing what the changes in the Mass will be when the new Sacramentary is finally published? G. M. sends in this link to the USCCB website that shows a chart of the changes.

The Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter asks, "Did you know, the dioceseofcleveland.org 'A-Z Index' provides web visitors with well over one hundred direct links to Catholic information?"

Russel sent in this provocative video for a trailer on Bloodmoney. About two and half minutes.

Gus sent this in: " You and your friends are invited to join EWTN on the First Friday of each month at 3 p.m. ET as we air a special Holy Hour in honor of the Year for Priests. This program, with the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word, will begin airing Sept. 4 and will end in June 2010.
Each Holy Hour will include a sermon by Father Miguel Marie M.F.V.A., as well as hymns and prayers specifically for priests. Keep checking our website, www.ewtn.com, for a new web page on the “Year for Priests,” which will be unveiled shortly. The mini-site will contain information on all of EWTN’s special programming during this Year for Priests (including videos, video clips, and promotional spots), prayers that will be used during the Holy Hour, news, papal documents, and a lot more!
Please join us the First Friday of each month during the Hour of Divine Mercy (and on the web every day) as we follow St. John Vianney’s admonition: “If you want good priests, pray for the ones you have…”

POINT COUNTERPOINT CONTINUED. Michelle sent this link to an article she wrote about the electronic breviary.


Pat said...

Father, Thank you for posting the Bloodmoney video clip. So much more could be said about the harm that abortion causes. So much more..... But this is a start.

Anonymous said...

Regarding a branch of the Chesterton Society, I'd appreciate more information on the "duties" of membership. I watch the Chesterton programs on EWTN and would be willing to go deeper.

Matt W said...

Yup, count me in. We'll have an organizational meeting at "safe" time. Two birds with one stone and all that.

Michelle said...

I've been enjoying both Chesterton's reprinted non-Fr. Brown mysteries and his "Orthodoxy" - fascinating co-reads.

And thanks for the Point/Counterpoint! You can guess how I feel about real candles, I bet...