Thursday, September 3, 2009


Posts have been made here before about cases of nullity for marriages or as it is more commonly known annulments. That being the case here are just a couple of brief comments and some good news.

The Catholic Church does not annul any marriages. It never has and never will. It does not have the power to do so. If some corrupt official would venture to annul a valid marriage it would not matter one jot because “What God has joined, no man must put asunder.”

What the Catholic Church does do is that it recognizes, proves, and brings forth what actually exists. If, for example, a two people were to marry who were far too young and/or immature to truly make the sacramental commitment to marriage the Church would recognize this fact. For a marriage to be true the two persons must 1)know what they are getting into, 2)understand it, and 3)freely choose it. So all those Romantic novels of princesses being forced to say, “I do” are malarkey for the marriage would not have been recognized anyway.

If you have been civilly divorced please consider getting a declaration of nullity. So many times an excited older couple will come into my office and want to get married but have at least one (maybe more) marriages between them. Unfortunately at that point we will have to start a case for nullity even before we can talk about marriage. And a formal case may take over six months.

The Tribunal of the Diocese of Cleveland has started a tremendous new program called Quick Start. You could always simply meet with your local priest but with Quick Start you will meet with a diocesan expert who can help you get your case rolling much more efficiently and answer your questions much better.


So what are you waiting for? Check out more here.


Cyn said...

It seems to me that the Church has painted itself into a corner re divorce and gets itself out of it via annulments. Many Faithful Catholics are scandalised by the number of annulments granted today and no matter how many times someone says "annulments aren't really Catholic divorce" it rings hollow. Is there any record, with the exception of Henry VIII, of a rich/famous person not being granted an annulment? Off the top of my head re anullments granted I can think of Nicole Kidman, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Mr McFarlane, most of the Kennedys and Deal Hudson.

Judging by the number of annulments granted it would seem that most of the marriages in America today are null whether the people in them realise it or not.

Anonymous said...

One quick correction before my real post:

The McFarlane's have not, either of them, petitioned for the Catholic Church to do a formal inquiry regarding the validity of their marriage.

However, Father V, The process is NOT about HEALING, regardless of what you say or the Catholic Church teaches. It is in the large MAJORITY of cases about being able to have the blessing of the Catholic Church upon your adulterous relationship that has already started and YOU and/or your LOVER want to make things "RIGHT" with GOD through the Catholic Church.

I formally defected from the faith over this "process", yet I was able to defend our VALID marriage before the Roman Rota twice and have them rule TWICE in favor of its validity.

I left the Catholic Church because, from before our divorce, an endless line of priests and bishops have encouraged my wife and her lover in their formal and public adultery....TO THIS DAY, now almost twenty years and counting.

I know what I am talking about AND few others, including canonists do, in spite of their YEARS of experience. I am living what I condemn the Catholic Church about. These canonists are fools and know it from a distance and hear from people who, mostly, care nothing about truth. Rather, they care about another warm body to share themselves with, regardless of what this says to others or most importantly to their OWN CHILDREN.

I don't want your prayers father.

I want you to develop some male equipment and go after your fellow priests and bishops from the pulpit.

It is my guess you are a wimp, like the vast majority, even of young "good" priests. Who are merely empty shirts who care NOTHING ABOUT TRUTH or are willing to put their vocations on the line by calling their bishop and the Pope the heretics that they are for refusing justice to wrongfully divorced spouses and who through their own(the bishops and the Pope), SHITTY, rules have been forced to defend their marriages against a GOD-DAMNED FULL BLOWN INQUISITION.

Do you have the balls or are you a girly man?

If you openly agree with me than I will email you because you have willingly put it in print. If you do not, then you should resign from the priesthood as you are a lousy priest - ON YOUR BEST DAY!

I know I am a sinner, father. I harbor great anger towards the Catholic Church for its unending support of adultery, in the case of our marriage. But I do not mislead you. I will always love both my wife and the Catholic Church, which you may find hard to accept. They are both unrepentant whores and are morally bound to repent although neither will. That tells me pretty much all I need to know.

A thief should not be angry for being called a thief, nor should a whore be upset, for being called a whore(actually a prostitute) when they are sleeping with someone in exchange for profit or they are fully encouraging, in public and private, the same.

An abandoned husband and abandoned Catholic

Warren said...

Wow. That dude sure was angry.

I'm sure that his hurt is real, even if his accusations against the entire church are, well, a bit over-arching.

I've been there, I've done that, and I am with Father and what he said; it is about healing.

Sadly, it seems that abandoned-husband-and-abandoned-catholic wants the Church to save his failed marriage. If the church finds grounds for nullity, they are done on impartial judicial grounds, not to hurt the feelings of the person who believes he has been abandoned. Nevertheless, someone who is really and truly hurting is hardly the most rational person to speak to, about that sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

You have no idea what you are talking about, Warren.

You buy the lies of the Catholic Church. Stop by Bai McFarlane's yahoo blog to hear a few stories about how the Church handles divorce. But, of course(or likely), you would think all of "those people" at "that" site MUST BE LYING.

Think again!

The lies come from the Catholic Church not from people who remain faithful to the vows they spoke.