Monday, September 24, 2007


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: "There is no law by which to determine the superiority of nations; hence the vanity of the claim; and the idleness of disputes about it. A people risen, run their race, and die either of themselves or at the hands of others, who succeeding to their power, take possession of their place, and upon their monuments write their own new name; such is history." Ben Hur

QUOTE II: "A laugh and a bit with a dog. That's what they want." Shakespeare In Love


I've been Simpsonized! I was insanely jealous of Adoro and so rather than wallow in my jealousy decided just to go out and get Simpsonized myself. Except for a touch up on the collar I am now ready for my guest debut on the show.

Want to get Simpsonized yourself? Go to
Found this picture over at Eyehacker and thought it was pretty cool.

A man and his dog. "The dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than you love yourself." Lord Byron

Behind on your reading for the Catholic Scripture Study? Rob says don't sweat it. Come on and jump back on board.


Anonymous said...

"Dogs have Owners, Cats have staff."

I do have to admit, I am a cat person, however this next quote, I want to know who the bishop was... great quote!

"Many years ago when an adored dog died, a great friend, a bishop, said to me, 'You must always remember that, as far as the Bible is concerned, God only threw the humans out of Paradise.'"

I can't stand the Simpsons! They rank right up there w/ South Park.
Couldn't get myself to try the Simpsonize.

MJ said...

Wow! That does look a lot like you!

Anonymous said...

I tried getting Simpsonized, but the photo was too small; no loss--just picture Lisa with straight hair. And laugh lines. Down to her toes.

I dunno, Fr. V. I think that Simpsonized priest is one I'd be afraid of.

(And yes, I, too would look askance at The Simpsons except for that episode where Homer takes the fam to the company BBQ and yells to them in a panic stricken voice, "ACT NORMAL!" That resonated. Ah, well, you knew that.)

:-) We nevvvvver know what we're going to find here, do we? I love it.

uncle jim said...

I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I've never watched a Simpsons episode. Of course you run into some of their characters just about anyplace these days. glad you're having fun with it ... BUT ... Adoro Simpson still looks better

Adoro te Devote said...

I tried to post on the Simposons last night but my computer didn't cooperate.

There is an awesome episode in which Bart becomes's precious! He prays the rosary in LATIN! Marge whacks him with a spoon for making the sign of the cross and saying, in Latin, "En nombre patri, et fili, espiritu, santo, amen" (Sorry, think I mixed Spanish in there).

Then Homer gets whacked by a nun-wielding a ruler and admonished, "Stop prayin' to the condiments!" Because, of course, Homer realizes that the Catholic Church made breakfast into DINNER (At a KFC Pancake Dinner), and kneels, "Our syrup, which art on pancakes..." Or something like that.

It's a riot! And when the priest explains confession...he gets the catechesis correct! GREAT EPISODE!

Anyway, Fr. V., it is my duty to inform you that you've been nominated for an award. Please see my blog for the details. :-)

Rob said...

In my favorite Simpsons Marge goes to Heaven. Only it is "Presbyterian Heaven" with a lot of boring angels playing harps. She expresses discontent and an angel tells her,

"Oh, you should've gone to Catholic Heaven"

He points to a nearby cloud where a lot of Irishmen are drinking and figting and the Mexicans are dancing and having a party.

Can't wait for Catholic Heaven!

Vincenzo said...

"Except for a touch up on the collar I am now ready for my guest debut on the show."

Fr. V said...


I'll admit that the Simpsons is not a great piece of art and they have fallen dramatically from their beginning when they had great social commentary, included obscure references to great art and liturature, and whose laughs weren't religated to the fart bin, but they had some great moments. (And I don't watch it as I once did.)

My favorite was when Bart was captured by Side Show Bob a la Cape Fear and they performed they entire book of HMS Pinnafore. Great!

VIncenzo! That is AWESOME! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rob.. I've been trying so hard to forget that one!! A clerical friend said he'd heard from an evangelical woman in Texas that she couldn't understand why he wanted so much to go to Heaven, since it was all staid sanctity. It may be that she is just afraid Heaven is smaller than Texas, but it may also be that we need a little more post-resurrection types of art and poetry, now, to reflect Heaven a little better.