Saturday, September 22, 2007


"Be careful therefore to entertain strangers, for many have entertained angels unawares." Hebrews 13:2

J sent this in to share.


W sent this site in. It is pretty cool for those interested in saints.

Jay announces Catholic Carnival 137!

Here's news! Uncle Jim is starting his own blog! He is sticking his feet in the water and testing it out. Stop by and say hi!

Interesting article over at the Deacon's Bench on confession.

On the ADAM'S ALE header: Thank you very much for your input. It was more than I expected. It seems that it is well liked in general though the couple people who objected did so vehemently. I think I do agree with Rob, Barb, and Uncle D that it is difficult to read (and I tried everything that I could think of to change the font but no dice.) So for now it will be left up there but I'll be on the search for a new picture. It may be days, it may be years, but an eye will be kept open.


uncle jim said...

i love that


they couldn't sing in english

no wonder they couldn't spell in latin

i always thought "U' followed "Q"

so it should be Q"U"O Vadis ...

shouldn't it?

MJ said...

Hebrews 13:2, one of my favorite scripture verses. One just never knows does one?!

John14:15 said...

Here's the polish lyrics to Quo Vadis video from the YouTube video

"Michal Bajor
Quo vadis Domine
(Co ma przeminąc to przeminie)"

lyrics: Zbigniew Książek
music: Piotr Rubik
album: Twarze w lustrach

Could someone translate?


Nie pytaj świata dokąd zmierza
Bo nie daj Boże prawdę powie
Miast pytać z paciorków pacierza
ułóż modlitwę za Jej zdrowie
Co ma przeminąć, to przeminie
A co ma zranić do krwi zrani
Piotr rzekł:

Quo Vadis Domine (3x)
Dokąd zmierzasz Panie...

O cel i sens nie pytaj świata
choć wie co będzie i co było
Miast pytać pomódl się za lato
I za pachnącą chlebem miłość
Co ma przeminąć, to przeminie
A co ma zranić do krwi zrani
Piotr rzekł:


Nie pytaj świata o recepty,
które uleczą ludzkość całą
Miast pytać raczej poproś szeptem
by się ta jedna uśmiechała
Co ma przeminąć, to przeminie
A co ma zranić do krwi zrani
Piotr rzekł:


Thanks for the video post.

John14:15 said...

Actually the Michal Bajor video is
as excellent as Fr V's Koncert Wilkanocny video, and uses scenes from the 2001 Polish awarding winning movie Quo Vadis along with current news shots from the Washington pro-life march, JPII, and various wars and terrorist acts in I think an effective commentary on sin and sacrament.

" 'Quo Vadis?', means 'where are you going?' and derives from a New Testament verse (John 13:36). As Sienkiewicz renders it, Peter is finally leaving Rome, at the behest of Paul and the remaining Christians, when he has a vision and cries out, 'O Christ! O Christ!...Quo Vadis, Domine?' (Where are You going, Lord?) and heard a reply in a sad, sweet voice: 'When you desert my people, I am going back to Rome to be crucified a second time.'
The Apostle lay on the ground, his face in the dust without motion or speech... he finally rose, picked up his staff with trembling hands and without a word turned back towards Rome...
'Quo vadis, domine?' (Where are you going, sir?)
'To Rome,' answered the Apostle in a low voice. And he returned."

from the novel Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz 1846-1916
(Translated by W. S. Kuniczak)

I'm heading over to Netflix.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! to the GodTube video - I did exactly that yesterday morning, to a man who sits quietly beside our local coffee shop drive-through. Have been trying to rationalize it away, but this video, and Sunday's first reading from Amos tell me otherwise.


Fr. V said...

Lesley & MJ

It was an ouch to me - especially the part about the $ he kept in his ashtray - if was as valuable to him it wouldn't be there.

In many ways I am torn - but as my spiritual director once said, "Sometimes it is more important for you to give than for the right person to recieve."

Uncle Jim - You're right - and congratulations on your new blog again!

Thanks John!

John14:15 said...

Got the Quo Vadis 2001 video via amazon, in Polish with English subtitles. It is generally informative, maybe a touch hokey at times. I do wish they had used a more subtle way to present pagan dissipation -- frequent shots of frontal nudity and a little more... basically soft porn in spots. We don't need the picture to get the picture.