Tuesday, May 21, 2019


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "People who read the Atlantic are smarter than the readers of Go Fug Yourself, but sometimes smarter people don't make better decisions; they just come up with better excuses."  from Helen Andrew's article "Shame Storm" in First Things

QUOTE II:  "There is no content to a shame storm.  It is mindless by its very nature.  It is indifferent to truth, even in cases where the truth could possibly be determined.  Therefore, like the Ring, it cannot be used for good."  same source

IN OTHER NEWS:  For his 10th anniversary, Fr. Matthew Pfeiffer's parents had his favorite Caravaggio painting redone by local artist (at St. Francis de Sales) Louise Udovich with some updates:

 Now in the painting is Fr. Pfeiffer as Matthew, his uncle Bob Pfeiffer takes the place of St. Peter, and Fr. Orndorf and I sit beside him.  In place of money is our Back Alley Card game along with a few other cool details.  Wow.
5 minutes

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