Tuesday, September 4, 2018


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "The Catholic Church is such a large, fascinating, complex and storied institution, and Catholic life is so focused on institutions like parishes, schools and hospitals, that it's easy for serious Catholics to lose sight of something quite basic: Catholics aren't - or shouldn't be - at Mass on Sunday because they admire the pope of the day, or their local bishop, or their pastor.  Catholics come to Mass on Sunday to hear what we believe to be the Word of God in Scripture and to enter into what we believe to be communion with God because of Jesus Christ."  from George Weigel's column of 1 September in the Wall Street Journal.

QUOTE II:  "Yet much as I share the anger and disgust of my fellow Catholics over what has surfaced these past months, I'd suggest to those imagining themselves in a crisis of faith that they're experiencing something different: a challenge to understanding what the Church really is . . . it is important to refocus on the basis of Catholic faith, which is trust in Jesus Christ."  same source.


E. F. sent this latest Chesterton news inUpdate on the investigation into an opening of a Cause for GKChesterton: the initial paperwork file is completed, 120 pages plus footnotes. This has been handed to the Bishop of Northampton, and a small committee has been assigned to read and advise. We trust the work of the Holy Spirit to guide us now and as this proceeds either to open or not open. We trust in God’s plan.

A. B. sent in THIS interesting article to think about.

Here are some events coming up:

This is from Sunday's "An Evening with G. K. Chesterton" with Mr. Chuck Chalberg sponsored by the St. Sebastian Chesterton Society to help celebrate the parish's 90th anniversary.  Thank you to everybody who helped make it a great night.

Here is where I was last week and why I was not posting:
This is the new "Garden House" at my sister's.  It's no bigger than a postage stamp but I want to live in it.
Bishop Barron has a number of video's on the Church crisis.  Here is just one of them (8 mins.):

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