Sunday, September 23, 2018


So I was tucked in, snug in my bed, when I heard my phone, which was plugged in on the other side of the room, buzz to tell me that I had received a text.  Well, of course I couldn't fall asleep or stay in bed now if for no other reason but curiosity.  But it could be an emergency - so - you know.

It turned out to be a message from Fr. Trenta in the next room over.
So there's that.  Now I can't sleep because there's a mouse in the house.

But an interesting thing came to light at dinner the next night as we sat around the dinner table and discussed the mouse problem.  It exemplified the reason I love having more than one priest at a parish.  Priests are not a one size fits all no matter how hard we try. 
We may all be saying the same thing, but we may say those things in a different way and one of these ways may relate to certain people more than others.
This will allow people to "hear" the message of the Gospel better.  For example, at St. Sebastian over the summer, we had three priests to handle the Mass schedule.  We couldn't be more different in our ways of delivering what in many ways is the same message.
And we each have a unique way of of extending the same message to the good people of West Akron with one or the other, perhaps, being more effective.


Pat said...

Victor Pest Easy Set Mouse Trap and peanut butter.

And pray to St. Rocco.

Kim Miller said...

Well, where there's one, there's probably more. Just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

Be careful with the traps/poison where the boys can get to them. Maybe make sure they are in a room with the door shut.

I know mice are creepy and I don't like them either. And I'm no expert. But dogs like peanut butter, too.

Or you could get a cat!

Pray to St. Rocco - and my good St. Francis. I'm sure he can think of a solution.

Sue, OFS

Louis said...

I recall seeing a mouse in the seminary. I was making photocopies late at night and was standing by the copier when this little poofball with feet came out and started sniffing my shoe. A part of my brain said, "That's a mouse! Step on it before it gets away!" The other part of my brain asked, "Do you want to clean up that mess?" Not having to clean that up won out, and I let it get away. When I mentioned it to someone on the staff, they were both angry that I let it get away and glad that I didn't leave a smooshed mouse for someone to clean.

Ed said...

Is this the first time that Father Trenta made it into the Monday Diary? I almost spit my coffee laughing at the likeness!

I also think you could write satire professionally, if you wanted a side job.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ed,
Fr. Trenta was in this one:

Belinda said...

I love it, may I use the same notice for the moles and chipmunks that keep throwing my new mums out of their pots? Really funny.