Sunday, September 9, 2018


So recently I was on vacation in up state New York.  We went out to dinner at a restaurant to which I have been wanting to go for YEARS.  We were hiking so I wasn't dressed as a priest.  The waitress was friends with my sister and her family and greeted us (particularly me) warmly.  Very warmly.
I kind of don't mind when a waitress calls you "sweetie" or "honey."  And as nice as she was, she was also kind of touchy.
Not "touchy" in the temperament way - touchy in that she liked to touch me a lot.
I tried to ignore it but it was becoming difficult and so my brother-in-law came to the rescue.
You would have thought that I all of sudden turned into Mr. Heatmiser.

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Anonymous said...

Bwah hah hah!

My Godfather, who is also my uncle, is a lifelong bachelor. He did not have a vocation to the priesthood, nor to married life. He is a very faithful, exemplary man who simply prefers to remain single.

Once, after he retired, he decided to go on a bus trip with AAA to see the fall foliage in New England. It wasn't until he got on the bus that he realized he was the only single man with a busload of single, 60ish to 80ish women, with only maybe 3 or 4 married couples.

Imagine his horror when he realized most of these women were on the hunt for nice, single, decent men, and that he was the only one in sight. For two whole weeks. Yes, it was a memorable trip. He hasn't been on another organized outing like that since.


A few years back, our then-pastor (who has since moved on to a calmer, less stressful parish) hosted a pilgrimage to Alaska. Most days, he did not wear his clericals, and dressed casually. One day, he and some of the pilgrims went on an excursion to a mining town, which was staffed with reenactors of the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s. While the rest of the pilgrims went with the tour guide to inspect the quarters of the "working women", Father sat down in the saloon to eat a sandwich and wait for their return. He thought he was alone with the bartender, but he was mistaken. One of the saloon girls, dressed in period costume (low-cut, suggestive Victorian lingerie, silk stockings, etc.), popped up from behind the bar, and seeing a good-looking man sitting by himself, approached him. She bent down low, looked him in the eyes, and asked in a sultry voice, "Anything I can get for you, Handsome?" I understand from an onlooker (Father was horrified and never repeated this story himself), that without taking his eyes off his sandwich, he replied, "No thank you, miss," and got busy eating his food!

Some days it pays to wear your collar!

God bless you and everyone at St. Sebastian - Sue, OFS