Thursday, February 9, 2017


Less than 48 hours ago I looked out my window and saw THIS:
Today I look out my window and see THIS:
It's a beautiful world isn't it?

That is why I've not been blogging.  It is not good to get sand in your computer.

Anyway, I got back just in time for my day away from the parish.  (See how that works?)  But it was still a busy day around the office.  It was Theology on Tap Akron Day and Mother Theodora was coming to speak.  So before hand (they were coming all this way after all) I decided to have the nuns from Christ the Bridegroom Monastery over for dinner along with some priests and seminarians.  It began with the social hour: 
Then we moved in to the dinning room where Marcy and her outstanding crew made us a delightful dinner.  Terri even made cookies with the parish seal on them - and she made the table cloth - and the arranged the flowers.  It was awesome because if I had taken care of it, we would have ordered pizza.
In the above picture to the far right is Sara Lynn who was just accepted as a postulant!  Congratulations!  Please keep her in your prayers.

Below is Mother Gabriella practicing a song a tap number that she was about to perform.
Okay, I was COMPLETELY kidding about that.

Here is most of the gang that was here yesterday.
Then we moved on over to the church where they sang Byzantine Vespers for us.  The parish and community was invited to join us.  It was beautiful.
Then we jumped into our cars and drove out to the Winking Lizard in Peninsula for Theology on Tap, Akron!

There were a lot of priests and seminarians there.  Thanks for coming out guys.

The reason that I really like THIS picture . . .
Is because it reminds me of THIS picture.
Mother gave a great talk to a packed house.
Fortunately we had a little more room this time because the restaurant moved us to a larger room!

I hope you are able to join next time on March 8th when Fr. Marty Miller will be speaking.  Also, on February 20th, I will be speaking at Theology on the Rocks at D'Agnese's on White Pond for those of you who are adults but not necessarily with the adjective "young" before it.

Thank you to Eric Eirmann, Rocco, our MC, and everybody who helped make it a great night.  

Thanks also to Visitation Parish for sponsoring the evening.

Thanks to St. Joseph Parish, Cuyahoga Falls for letting us borrow their sound system.

ToT Akron is a ministry of St. Sebastian Parish.  If you are interested in sponsoring a night, please contact me!


maryofsharon said...

You never fail to provide a good laugh, like with that pair of photos, except that you should be in the middle with your and Sebastian's matching "beards."

So glad to see Theology on Tap taking off so well! Our daughter is moving back from the UK this summer, and I'm glad I'll have something this strong and high quality to direct her toward. (Can't wait for a Theology on the Rocks that fits in my schedule.)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see that Fr. O made it out of his duct tape! I hope your vacation was wonderful and welcome home!

Anonymous said...

I love how honest you are....."we would have ordered pizza." Lol

I am hoping my husband will like/try Theology on the Rocks. It seems like something he would enjoy but I don't want to nag. 🙂

Anonymous said...

Does Sebastian have a brother and sister. Beautiful dogs!

Fr. V said...

I think so. But I adopted him later in life. From what I understand he was the only one from the litter that turned out entirely black (well . . .now black and white.)