Monday, February 27, 2017


So, St. Sebastian Parish had an early St. Patrick's Day party this weekend with the General Guinness band and a good time was had by all.  Blah, blah, blah.
Now that being said: Why are we so excited to be Irish one day out of the year?  I humbly suggest that we have a day on which we celebrate being Slovenian!  We have SO MUCH to offer!  It would be a great day.  It could be St. Slomsek Day or St. Modestus Day or St. Gorazd Day.

Here is the proposal:
I mean really.  Does any more need to be said on that point?

And seriously, would you take corn beef over SLOVENIAN SAUSAGE?  No sane person would I dare say.

Granted, you can go out in your yard and pick clover.  Heck, most of the time people are putting chemicals on their lawn to get them to STOP growing.  But you know what the national flower of Slovenia is?  Red carnations!  That's what.  You'd be pickled tink if you had red carnations coming up in your yard.
And have you ever noticed all the "Fighting Irish" mascots?  Even just down the street we have St. Vincent St. Mary High School with that mascot proudly displayed.  You know what you get when you have three Slovenians drinking in a bar?  A choir!
Then there is this!
Okay, maybe the Irish have an advantage there.

But being Slovenian can also be green in the good sense.
I see you rolling your eyes.  But I'm serious.  You would . . . it would be . . . Can't you see . . .


Chris P. said...

Slivovitz is produced professionally? I Was only aware of the.. um.. amateur productions.

Anonymous said...

But...but...but we just celebrated Kurentovanje on February 25 right in the shadow of St. Vitus parish!

Complete with big, furry Kurenti which are like...hmm...benign and huggable Krampuses!

And lots of Pivo Laško and Slivovka!

Louis said...

I also propose celebrating St. Andrew Kim Day. And instead of an either/or, we can do a both/and. St. Andrew Kim Day is on the 20th of September. Now instead of a full year waiting for 17 March, it's a much more manageable 6 month wait from March to September then back to March. In March we do Guinness and corned beef and cabbage, and in September we can do 소주 (soju) and Korean BBQ. It's a wonderful plan.

Chris P. said...

Sorry - I am so strongly opposed to this "St. Andrew Kim Day" idea that I might pop a blood vessel. Not because of any feeling either way on the worthiness of the holiday... but...

Currently, I am able to eat Korean BBQ almost any time I see it by explaining to my wife "Yes, but who knows when I'll come across it again?" Her response varies from rolling her eyes to something along the lines of explaining that this is the third time this week I've made that joke.

I feel like this would restrict consumption to once a year, kind of like corned beef. I can sneak to Diamond Deli and grab a reuben and no one is the wiser. I don't have those kinds of options with Korean BBQ.

I'm aware my vote doesn't count, but my vote stands in opposition nonetheless.

lgreen515 said...

I'm down with the Slovenian sausage. But where can I get Korean BBQ?

doubletrouble said...

Shamrock, Father, not clover.
Three leaves, like the Trinity!

Babs said...

I'm with you, Father! I'm Slovenian on my dad's side. He grew up around E. 65th and St. Clair and attended St. Vitus as a kid. Too bad Nosan's Bakery is gone....those 'torn pants'were good.