Monday, February 13, 2017


You might have picked up from the grand lack of postings last week or so that I and everybody who works for Adam's Ale went on a staff vacation last week.  So I just decided to shut down the offices.  Thanks for checking up and coming back now that the blog is up and running again.

As I do every year, I slip on down to one of our warmer states for a few days to stock up on vitamin D so that I might be a better pastor to the people of the parish.  This of course means jumping on an airplane first.  Is it just me or did all of TSA go through extreme curtesy classes?  The lines were not only short and free of hassle, it seems they were all eerily nice.
I am the grateful guest of some friends who live in a state under the sun.  They are so kind but it so obvious that I do not belong there other than for a visit.  It reminds me of my sister who moved to the south and they could pick her out because of her northern accent.  Then she came back here with a slight twang, said things like "you all" and "howdy" and we tagged her a southerner.  She has become a woman without a cardinal direction to call her own.

I am a true northerner and was apparent the moment I stepped off of the gangway of the airplane.
Also, nobody has facial hair down there.  It's like their faces are naked and they just walk around like that without shame.
We had a Pre-Cana retreat this last weekend at St. Sebastian.  There were a lot of couples there.  I would say half of the men had beard that were somewhere between fierce and epic.  Another quarter had beards that were nothing to be ashamed of.  And the last quarter walked around with too much facial skin showing.  These are my people.  Of course, now I'm afraid to trim my beard back for Easter as I promised my sister because of tan lines . . . 

Good people of St. Joseph - you are in for a surprise this weekend.  Please be kind and supportive.  You will understand after you read your bulletin.

But that is not the only thing that separated me from those among whom I vacationed.  It was a bit of a resort area where people liked to spend good money.  Everybody had beautiful, expensive haircuts.  Gender wasn't a factor.  You needed a good haircut to fit in well at the local coffee shop.
Clothes too.  As a matter of fact, after coming back and talking with Fr. Gearing at St. Adelbert, we both came to the conclusion that we have turned into old bachelors that don't have good women to nag us that we have been wearing the same clothes for 10 years.  We have made a commitment to upgrade our closets.  I began last week by ordering nice clerical shirts (man! are they expensive!)  and Wednesday, the day away from the parish for both of us, we are going to go out and look at suits.  And shoes.  Not more buy one pair get one pair for half off at the Woolworths.
All and all, it is a wonderful, fun, beautiful place to visit and I am so terribly grateful for the experience.  But . . .
Which is, of course, the purpose of a vacation.


Louis said...

Father, why buy a suit when any occasion that necessitates one is even more suited to the cassock? Go and get another one of those. House of Hansen. I know of a priest who will drop almost anything to run out to Chicago for House of Hansen and some deep dish. Just give him your measurements.

Anonymous said...

I can tell it has been a while since you have been wardrobe shopping, Father. You referenced Woolworth's when you mentioned your shoes.

I don't think I've seen a Woolworth's here in Akron since I went to have my senior picture taken in high school 39 years ago (I graduated in 1979 - pics taken the summer before). I can remember going with my girlfriends to have lunch at O'Neil's Georgian Room downtown (they called us "Miss" and held our chairs for us!). And then shopping at Polsky's across the street (using their birdcage elevators), until it was time for our photo appointments at Carmen's (which is still on Mill Street). Woolworth's used to be on a block taken by Canal Park, if I'm not mistaken. Across from a hole in the wall diner named "Eat".

Glad you were able to get some sun and rest!

Matt W said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have underwear older than my children. And they (the underwear) have held up better than I have after children.