Wednesday, February 15, 2017


It almost doesn’t matter where you are on any political scale, our nation seems like a dysfunctional family.  It is not something to be fixed over night.  For any real change and healing it will take a long, uphill trudge needing lots of patience, understanding, forbearance, and fortitude.  For it is truly a wound and wounds take time to properly heal.

There is a highly prevalent philosophy in our nation that has its motto, “I will be happy when I get everyone else to be like me.”  When you have 319 million people trying to conform everyone else to their way of life, tensions rise rapidly and we get lots of angry, whiney people shouting slogans at each other or worse.

There is a place for demonstrations and protests and debates, but that can’t be the starting point.  The starting point is the self.  If the domestic Church (home) is the building block of the Church and if we are only as healthy as Church as we are in the domestic Church, then the same can be said for our nation.  We are only as healthy as our nation as we are as families and individuals.  When was the last time you saw a great example of a healthy, happy, functional family on T.V.?  If we are stating that this is the norm, then is it any wonder we have the nation we have?

Whatever you want your nation to be, first make sure that your home reflects that ideal to the extent possible.  That wont change anything over night, but in the long run, it will change things more permanently.  

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Anonymous said...

Here are two newer TV shows with nice, functioning families: Kevin Can Wait & Man With a Plan, both on CBS. Last Man Standing on ABC has a good family example. But you are right, there has not been much to applaud in the culture.