Tuesday, February 14, 2017


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "The only place outside of Heaven where you can be perfectly safe from all the dangers and perturbances of love is hell."  C. S. Lewis

QUOTE II:  "Love that is hopeless, that cannot end in marriage, does one of two things; either it degrades or it exalts.  It leaves its mark always but that mark need not be a stain."  from Mary Roberts Rhinheart

QUOTE III:  "Love's like the measles; all the worse when it comes late in life."  Anon.


As an anonymous somebody pointed out last week, while the staff of Adam's Ale was on vacation, the secretary in charge of calanderal events missed that we are celebrating 10 YEARS OF ADAM'S ALE!

A few clergy friends got together for lunch at Al's Meat Market and then went junk shopping.  Fr. Thomas found this in downtown Barberton:
 Of course, I had to try it on.
Now it is time to clear up a couple of things that have been a constant point of contention since the early years of the blog.

Fr. Pfeiffer was the first parochial vicar to appear on the blog.  He was just a young grasshopper at the time and this is pretty much the way I rendered him:
 It wasn't until he left the parish that he told me he didn't actually have blonde hair.  The next time I saw him I found, much to my astonishment, that he in fact does not have actual blonde hair.
Firstly, how would YOU know?  Do you carry a mirror.

Anyway, lucky for me that God is ironic.  1) This is an ARTISTIC interpretation of how you look and your personality screams for you to have blonde hair so there's that.  2) God let this happen in real life:

Mr. Mark Nowakowski is newish member of St. Sebastian Parish.  He is a composer.  If you would like a sample of his work go HERE.  Thank you CC.

From the Totally Useless Information Department:
There have been 2468 posts over 10 years
The number ONE post: "How Come I Don't Remember"
I feel poorly about that one because I fear it was popular because of a misleading title . . .

By far, most readers are from the United States but are CLOSELY followed by those in Russia.  Zdratsvuite!  Germany, France, China, Canada and the Ukraine come next with relatively close numbers followed by the UK.  There have been 813,824 views of this blog.  Though I know in the blogosphere that aint much but I'm not looking for numbers, I'm looking for quality like you.

And just for fun on this anniversary:


Cathy K said...

Your "thinking cap" makes me recall one of my all-time favorites, Tom Terrific and Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog! (And a nice parallel there, too, with Fr. V and Sebastian! Yes!)

Father Christopher said...

You left out Italy!

lgreen515 said...

Why are you wearing my colander on your head?

Anonymous said...

Straight out of Braveheart! Freeeeedoooooommmmmmm!!!!

Mary of Sharon said...

How on earth, in God's good providence, did St. Sebastian acquire "one of the leading experts in sacred music" as a parishioner? I was reading Fr. Richard Heilman's blog and found a most written by none other than Mark Nowakowski. The name sounded familiar, so I popped back to this post of yours, and sure enough it was the same guy. Sure hope he will be somehow contributing to the music at St. Sebastian.

He has contributed an article for people who are participating in the Fr. Heilman's Ninevah 90 spiritual bootcamp, in which one of the components of the fasting is to listen "only to music which lifts the souls to God." To help participants have a practical understanding of what this means, he offers a plan for an aesthetic fast/cleanse in which one begin to develop the capacity for aesthetic discernment, so that we are able to make spiritually mature media choices. He is going to be making ongoing contributions with guidance for those of us who are participating in this time of fasting and prayer.

Cyndy Cook said...

Hi Mary of Sharon,
The Nowakowski Family found our parish because they were looking for a Traditional Latin Mass, which we are blessed to celebrate here at St. Sebastian! He has also contributed on occasion to One Peter Five. com. He's not only a talented composer, but an excellent writer!