Tuesday, April 30, 2013


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Every journey toward something is a journey away from something and sometimes it's just as important to know what you're journeying away from as it is to know what you're journeying toward."  Matthew Kelly

QUOTE II: "The explorer who will not come back or send his ship back to tell his tale is not an explorer but an adventurer -  and his sons are born in exile."  from Ursula Le Guin's "The Dispossessed"


Mary sent some links in.  The first is an article about the dramatic restoration of a parish church.  See the article here.  For more information and pictures go here.  The articles really caught my attention because where it said "Omaha parish" I kept reading, "Obama parish."  HA!

Also from Mary"  "Where beauty and truth meet to transform culture" is the tag line of the site MYSTERIUM.  Go here.  For a taste of it go here for a free audio sample.  Thanks!

Is porn really harmless?  Not so.  This video was sent in by Fr. Ference:

From the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter:  "On October 11, 2011 Pope Benedict XVI issued a Motu Proprio Porta Fidei calling Catholics to a Year of Faith from October 11, 2012 to the Feast of Christ the King, November 24, 2013. His mission was that Catholics would focus on deepening their Faith so that their daily lives would reflect their relationship with Jesus Christ."  Read more here.
Back when we didn't think so much about wasting paper the diocese would send a memorandum out to all of the parishes and offices of the diocese to keep everybody informed of what was going on around the diocese.  Now they send it electronically.  If you are curious as to what is in it, go here.


MaryofSharon said...

If only that was Obama's church! He couldn't help but be moved toward a surrender to the truth offered in such a place of sacredness and beauty!

What's notable about this parish is that the first phase of restoration was in the soul of the parish, in its liturgy being restored to the fullest possible level of sacredness and beauty they could muster. It was only after that, that the renovation of the physical structure was discussed. Now that the parishioners comprehend the significance of what happens there ("Heaven Meets Earth" as the special at 6:30 tonight on EWTN is entitled), they are willing to very generously fund the physical restoration which will give a visual reinforcement to what they are already experiencing.

MaryofSharon said...

Now that the show about this remarkable parish has aired, trailers and an extended video of excerpts, lots of written details about the parish, and a link for ordering the video can all be found at http://heavenmeetsearth.tv/