Tuesday, June 14, 2011


TUESDAY QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  Evolution is a metaphor from mere automatic unrolling.  Progress is a metaphor from merely walking along – very likely the wrong road.  But reform is a metaphor fro reasonable and determined men: it means that we see a certain thing out of shape and we mean to put it into shape.  And we know what shape.”  from G. K. Chesterton’s, “Orthodoxy”

QUOTE II:  The great spiritual challenge is to discover, over time, that the limited, conditional, and temporal love we receive from parents, husbands, wives, children, teachers, colleagues and friends are reflections of the unlimited, unconditional and everlasting love of God.” Henri Nouwen


Attention priest friends:  If you are like me you can't stand most of the priest shirts made out there.  If you are tall the automatically assume you are as big as a house.  There was a company that made decent - off the rack shirts that fit even monkey armed persons such as myself but they went out of business or some such thing.  Well, they were purchased and Stadelmaier shirts are once again available for those who like them.  Here is the link.

The Diocese of Cleveland Enewletter offers this column by Bishop Richard Lennon:  "What is the secret to a loving, lifelong marriage? In a word: commitment. Commitment means choosing (deciding) to give up other choices. This collides with our American desire to maximize individual choices. It causes young people to postpone making lifelong commitments such as marriage. The average age of marriage is now the highest in U.S. history at 28 for men and 26 for women."  Read more here.

P. sent in these links to Catholic Chaplains during WWII from life magazine.  1 and 2  Thanks.

One of my favorite artists has a new painting for sale - "The Temptation of Christ"  See it here.  He did my St. Sebastian.  If you like it on-line you will LOVE it in person.

Excellent video!  If the finished product is anything like this trailer it should be fabulous!

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Anonymous said...

the article about marriage by Bishop Lennon is a masterpiece. I sent it to everyone that I know. I wish that every pastor would deliver a Sunday sermon telling everything that Bishop Lennon said. My wife and I entered marriage with the same outlook that the bishop spoke of, and we had fifty-six years of bliss.

r m kraus