Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It’s a beautiful day!
Life is good!

Take 2 minutes and do something about your faith that you would not have normally done.

Read just ONE verse randomly in the Bible. Take it to the bathroom with you if you must.

Turn off the T.V. Don’t watch that rerun. Walk around your block. It’s a beautiful night.

Think about someone you love and haven’t thought of for a while. Send that person a prayer.

Think of person who died and offer them a prayer.

Pray for your pastor or the Pope or someone with a tough job like a parent.

Look out your window. If nothing else there are great clouds or a blue sky to look at and say thank you for.

Plan some deviously good deed to do for someone.

Breath deep. Doesn’t it feel good? You don’t have a cold today. Give thanks!

Put up with someone today.

Offer a little sacrifice. No matter how small. Thank God you could do it.

Think through one verse of your favorite hymn.

Stop trying to think which hymn is your favorite and just pick one.

Remember to call on (or thank) you guardian angel today.

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Emily B said...

Thank you for this! God bless you!