Monday, August 11, 2008


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND - "Alas! What fiend can suggest more desperate councils than those adopted under the guidance of our own violent and unresisted passions?" From Sir Walter Scott's "The Bride of Lammermore"

QUOTE II - "I'd rather be an optimist and fool than a pessimist and right." From the movie "IQ".


There was a request for a posting of some of the pictures from the trip up into the bell tower of St. Sebastian. Enjoy the view! I love the picture of flowers in front of the church. It is done by volunteers and I think they do a swell job.

With that joy, joy, joy, joy down in his heart, Jay announces Catholic Carnival 184.

My sister sent this in. No, I haven't the slightest idea how it works. Maybe I'll set our math students on to it so that they can explain it to me.

If you are interested, my cousin who, if God so wills it, will be ordained this year has a blog chronicling his summer trip to Guatemala and El Salvador. (Those of you who came to the weekend masses at St. Sebastian saw him receive a recognition from the K of C at the 9:00 and serve at the 11:00 Mass.)

Just a note of interest: Fr. Z from, "What Does This Prayer Really Say?" was in Cleveland this week to help Fr. Ireland of St. Gregory celebrate his 25th anniversary as a priest. Fr. Z is quite the celebrity blogger with about 10,000 original hits per day. (In case you are wondering, there are in the neighborhood of about 200 here exclusive of the weekend.) If you think he knows Church stuff you should tap that brain about baseball. Holy cow! Notice my shadow on the wall to the left?


Lillian Marie said...

Great pics!!! If my knees were in better shape, I would have been up there with you three. (darn those softball injuries!) lol

Did you sing 'me & my shadow' when you were up there? ha ha

Regarding the brain it! Actually, it was pretty intriguing trying to figure it out. Let me know if your math students figure it out this coming school year. (just confirms I'm in the right job...for now). *grin*

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Would you ever go up again? Will you be giving tours? =)

Anonymous said...

One thing we discovered on the way up is that the tower is in need of some repair - mostly painting and cleaning. I think that would have to be done before anyone goesup recreationally again.

Fr. V