Tuesday, June 24, 2008


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: "Do you really want to become a saint? Carry out the little duty of each moment: Do what you ought and put yourself into what you're doing." Saint Escriva

QUOTE II - "We want our heroes to be perfect. And when they are not we want to punish them. Then we write a country song about them." - ?



Anonymous said...

Sit, Ubu, Sit. LOL

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy this blog
Its funny and informative

Odysseus said...

Grrrr yap! bark! table scraps grrrr woof (panting noise) bark bark (wagging my tail)

sattvicwarrior said...

"Do you really want to become a saint?..
dude!!!!!!!! c'mon . does a person who has gone beyond the realm of ego producing activity [ duality] recognizing the falseness of this illusion we call reality which is the essence of dual consciousness] and has merged with the consciousness of the omnipotent[ non dual state] designated as “ god REALLY ask them selves that ??..
THATS an insult to humility.
NO one sets out to be a SAINT..
that's trite. .
you really make me scratch me head sometimes. . I see better things in you than that sorta question .
Am i being to demanding of you ?
what is the reason for a question like that ?
are you a SAINT?
what is your point of origin for a question like that ?
would a SAINT ask that question or would he observe with all aspects of humility for nothing but blessings on the ignorant with great compassion searching for a more peaceful connection with their creator to inspire them for a more reflective position of their own reality to connect with god??
so in essence its YOUR responsibility to answer in TRUTH what is a SAINT? Because it must be obvious to you that you KNOW this.
so again I ask
are you a SAINT?
to be one you have to have that experience.
to intellectualize it only adds to the confusion of what SHOULD be. ..[ THAT which you think IS is NOT, and that which you think is NOT actually IS] [ aphorisms]
that promotes more illusion ,
intellectualization of said state of consciousness is not the actuality of BEING [closer to god consciousness] but promotes anything but a merging of said state and creates exactly the opposite .

a perfect example of one who” isnt “ a saint is Thomas Aquinas.
a misogynist ego maniac of the highest order. and they make this creature of hate toward women [ have you ever read what he thinks of women???] ..[[[[ dude. it would make a SAILOR blush.]]]] a saint, because of [ one example ] of academic retrospectives as his presentation in the summa theologia??..
dude. and I thought the Baltimore catechism was confusing. . .
[ but ya DO come across as cool ]. .
you may not agree with me. thats cool .
but be cautious where ya aim yer guns mate. .
People like ME want to know where you are coming from . [ after all you ARE supposed to be inspiration ] .

Anonymous said...

St Josemaria calls all of us to try to be a saint by the end of his life because everyone who makes it to heaven will be a saint. Opus Dei asks why settle for purgatory why not aim for heaven?

Saints are not people who were born that way they were sinners who never gave up trying.

Check out In Conversation With God by Fr Francis Fernandez a priest of the prelature of Opus Dei

sattvicwarrior said...

Opus Dei asks why settle for purgatory why not aim for heaven?..
uh. vickie dear. There is NO purgatory thanks to whatever it is called a pope has recently negated it. SO you see. it NEVER [ dogma] existed as TRUTH .. . .. scary isnt it???

sattvicwarrior said...

TRIVIA question ??..
.that sounds like a religious transexual.

Anonymous said...

No, purgatory is still a doctrine of the faith. Limbo has been in question and has always been a theory, a possible explanation for where the souls of the unbaptized go. Nothing has been "done away with."

About sainthood. We are all called to be saints, and some of us do aspire to that...we aim high, seeking those virtues and keep striving for them. It doesn't mean we're perfect or anything else. Only that we're trying to conform ourselves to Christ. We don't get to be the judge of whether we are saints or not; THAT is an insult against humility and the surest way to tell that we are not saints.

We just keep trying, keep praying, hope, and have faith in the God who created all of us and loves all of us...including you, sattvic.

sattvicwarrior said...

We don't get to be the judge of whether we are saints or not; THAT is an insult against humility and the surest way to tell that we are not saints..
My point exactlly only your sentence above is a little more to the point:)

Padre Steve said...

I love that sign! Very funny!