Friday, June 13, 2008


This week's video comes by way of our correspondant in New York. I have packed away my headphones and speakers and so had to send this to C in order to know if it was worth posting. At her and K's recommendation I post it! After getting on the site, scroll down to the three videos at the bottom.

Here is Epic 120.


Jay proudly announces the birth of Catholic Carnival 176!
L.M. sent this in. If nothing else it is interesting. It is an "Incident Map" of Marian Apparitions.

Rev. Bosco Peters ask me to post his site. It does not seem to be strickly Catholic in nature. I find the header picture a bit disturbing but have not had the opportunity to look at the rest of it more thoroughly but share it with you none the less.

More easily recommended is Second Hand Smoke. C. and I seem to be getting ourselves more deeply into bioethic issues and this is a blog that catching many news items that don't make the main stream news sources.


Anonymous said...

I got an email on Bosco Peter's site, too. And immediately began cringing when I saw the phrace "Centering Prayer". That was all I needed to close the window. I'm all for ecumenism but I'll not put anything on my site that endorses pagan practices.


Anonymous said...

Hey, happy Father's Day to you too Fr. V!

Anonymous said...

Well, not all that centers is pagan; Lectio could be deemed centering prayer as well. The question is rather, do Catholics need centering prayer? Probably not.

And amen - Happy Fathers' Day, Fr. V.

Anonymous said...

Anon ~ Centering Prayer is NOT the same thing as Lectio or Contemplative prayer. I have run into sites that are truly talking about contemplative prayer but call it Centering Prayer. However, if Centering Prayer is the correctly used term, it is neither prayer nor is it Catholic - it is Transcendental Meditation - an act of pagan and self-worship.

But let's not get this off course. I didn't bring up that point in order to derail the post, only to explain that I'm cautious about what I'm willing to link to my blog.

paramedicgirl said...

Father V, that is a beautiful picture of the Blessed Virgin and the Christ Child! Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

I am a bit leery of this site too. I also have a 'thing' about the kiwi accent, but that may say more about me than about the kiwis.

A joke

Someone scrawled on a fence
New Zealand sucks

And under it someone else wrote
Australia 10

If you are a kiwi or an aussie you will get this.

Anonymous said...

When you go down and click on "about" you find that Rev. Bosco is Anglican, which is why everything seems "off." It is similar in vocabulary and liturgical usages, but it is not Catholic (even if they call themselves Anglo-Catholic...).

BTW, Happy Father's Day, Father!

liturgy said...

Thanks, Fr. Valencheck, for your openness to point to my site.
It is a relatively new, ecumenical site hoping to provide resources for individuals and communities seeking to have worship and spirituality that is vital, transforming, and faithful.

I have a passion for monastic, particularly Carthusian spirituality, reflected in my personal collection of photos I make available, and in my reflections. I seek to encourage people to ecumenically pray the Liturgy of the Hours. There is even a virtual chapel.

I provide unique and growing material on the collects/ opening Mass prayers, and when the new Roman Catholic English translation is completed I will extend my work into those also.

Interest in the site has grown rapidly, with about a thousand visitors a day currently. I am happy to link to others with a similar passion for good liturgy and spirituality. I understand, as do most people on the Internet, that linking does not in any way imply agreement or even comfort with everything the other site has on it. My site has about 700 pages. The links on my site are one of the resources visitors regularly find most useful. Visitors take from the site what they find of value, and, as with any other site, are mature and discerning enough to leave to one side what they do not find helpful.

I appreciate your posted videos – I have had a first attempt at that: the naked liturgist. You are welcome to embed that.

I am sorry about my Kiwi accent. I understand from scholars of linguistic history that our accent is the direction that English, over the longer term, is heading.

Let us pray for each other
and for mission and ministry on the Internet