Sunday, June 8, 2008


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: "But the criminal who runs and hides, who is unrepentant even though he knows what he's done, is a symptom of a much greater disease. . . There is no justice unless the judged agree. Without understanding and repentance there can only be revenge." from Walter Mosely's "Man in My Basement"

QUOTE II: "The problem with being middle class is that anybody who really cares will abandon you for someone who needs it more." Lisa Simpson


A while back some people were wondering where they might find some Gregorian chant music for the modern mass. advertises itself as "Traditional Music for the Contemporary Church." There are a lot of resources there and I have not searched through it thoroughly in order to review it for you so use your own judgement.

This picture was in the sacristy at Saint Augustin parish in Barberton when I was young and it always sparked my imagination. It was stumbled upon the other day and so it is shared with you.

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Michelle said...

The music of contemporary composer Margaret Rizza also lends itself well to the current liturgy, while remaining deeply rooted in glorious tradition. The sensibility is contemplative, the language often Latin, the settings move between chant and polyphony.

Try Miserere Nobis - her setting of Psalm 51 -- or her Kyrie.

She's British, and the music has limited availability in the US.