Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Not since Vatican II when it was inadvertently thought that Saint Christopher was removed from the official list of saints leaving Catholic religious goods stores with tons of St. Christopher medals, car plaques, and holy cards has there been such a strong movement to strip a soul thought to be enjoying the glories of heaven from the ranks of sainthood.
Susan Paynter of says, "And since, in these times, a day without outrage is like a day without orange juice, I feel free to demand an answer to this question: When did God's country lose the war on this holiday, too? When did the forces of commercialism, hedonism and secularism wrench the saintliness of Feb. 14 from Cupid's warm, fat fist? And where is the evangelical outcry from Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and the other Christian soldiers who, only two months ago, fought so valiantly to put the Christ back in Christmas?"
And so I declare from the rooftops, "Put the Saint back in to Saint Valentine's Day!" and so I wish you a very happy Saint Valentine's Day!
Actually, this is me celebrating Saints Cyril and Methodius Day. In the snow. In single digit weather. A much more fun day for a celibate guy to celebrate on February 14th I'd say.

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Pete said...

Dude, there's a lot of snow. You don't have to get on the rooftop. Just call me collect. :-)