Saturday, February 10, 2007


So yesterday I'm trolling about in my priest mobile listening to NPR when lo!, a program came on about religion in which the Catholic Church was prominently featured. It was, of course, a show that was challenging Catholic teaching and Tradition which is fine, we are not so sensitive as to shy from discussion.

HOWEVER, it seems a good deal of effort was put into finding prominent persons withing the Great Diocese of Cleveland that would not support nor well represent Catholic teaching on the matter. In addition to that, the moderator of the discussion made an occasional dig at the Church. Most interesting was that after she made the dig, she would cut off all discussion on the matter. For example, she would say quite out of the blue, (paraphrased - remember I was riding in my car and have to depend on my memory) "Of course the Catholic Church abandoned Jews during World War Two, but that's a discussion for another show."

If we cannot talk about it, why even mention it all? Did it add to the conversation in any constructive way? No.

Remember friends that at your baptism after the water was poured and the words of baptism were said, Sacred Chrism was traced in the form of a cross on the crown of your head and Christ enrolled you into His three fold office of priest, prophet, and king. These are not just nice titles and they are not a right, but a responsibility. As king you have the duty to "infuse the Christian spirit into the mentality and mores, laws and structures of the communities in which you live." (ccc 2105) If we say nothing, then we give tacit approval to such remarks and wonder why people feel so free to say things about Catholics in way they would never dream about saying them about almost any other group of people without being fired. Please don't be like Roxie, the dog here pictured with Maggie, my horse.
Let people know what you think, that you are Catholic, and you don't appreciate being put down constantly. We don't have to be nasty. Don't become what we hate. Be kind. But make your point known. Holiness has always taken long lasting roots not through committees, programs, or initiatives, but by individuals leading holy lives. Live your priestly, prophetic, and kingly role and help bring healing to our community.
If you speak out on anything, I'd appreciate hearing how it went. If I hear back from latest venture at such, I'll share it with you via this blog.
God bless.

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John said...

Fr. Valenchek

The topic of the "royalty of the believer" has been of great interest to me recently and I'm looking for Catholic teaching on this subject - could you point me to a source that talks about the role of the Christian as "king" as well as priest and prophet?