Tuesday, September 26, 2017


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "The simple phrase, 'For God so loved the world . . .' would have puzzled an educated pagan.  And the notion that the gods care about how we treat one another would have been dismissed at patently absurd."  from Frank Stark's, "The Rise of Christianity"


Just pictures this week:

Bishop Gries OSB celebrating the first Mass at the Julie Billiart School of St. Sebastian last Friday.
Bishop Perez having Mass at St. Sebastian on Saturday.  Talk about being blessed with two awesome bishops!
As part of receiving permission to reserve the Blessed Sacrament at JBSS, the ordinary needs to visit the space.  So after dinner on Saturday, Bishop Perez made a visit to the new chapel.
Sunday was Octoberfest at St. Paul in Akron.  Here is something I thought I would never, ever see:  Fr. Pfeiffer cutting a rug on the dance floor!  Didn't know you had the moves brother!
Fr. Trenta left yesterday to return to studies in Rome.  He wanted Swensons for his farewell meal.  We took this picture and sent it to seminarian David Stavarz, sometimes resident in the St. Sebastian rectory, to encourage him on his soup and salad diet.
Even Sebastian got in on the fun.
Adam sent this two hour video in:


Anonymous said...

Wow, he really isn't blond. 😂

Nan said...

Only in Fr Vs head.