Tuesday, November 1, 2016


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "[T]hroughout antiquity . . . men wallowed in the mere sexuality of a mythology of sex; they organized prostitution like priesthood, for the service of the temples; they made pornography their only poetry; they paraded emblems that turned even architecture into a sort of cold and colossal exhibitionism. . . All those who write of it at least agree on one fact; that it was the cult of Fruitfulness. . . It was on the side of Nature.  It was at least the side of Life."  from G. K. Chesterton's essay, "Sex and Property"

QUOTE II  "They introduce their horrible heresies under new and carefully complimentary names . . . The name of Birth-Control, for instance, is sheer nonsense.  Everybody has always exercised birth-control; even when they were so paradoxical as to permit the process to end in a birth.  Everybody has always known about birth-control, even if it took the wild and unthinkable form of self-control."  from G. K. Chesterton's essay, "On Evil Euphemisms"


The time to vote is quickly coming upon us!  St. Sebastian will be open and the Blessed Sacrament exposed that day for prayer before and after you vote!

Being Catholic is something that we ARE, not something that we DO.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to vote in some vague category of "neutral."  All voting (and non-voting) is a moral act.  Know you faith.  Set your compass to what you know is truth.  Research your issues and candidates.  THEN vote and pray.

To help you in the process go HERE to the EWTN Catholic Voter's Guide.

Fr. Pfeiffer gave a homily on voting Catholic that is getting some attention.  Go HERE.

Congratulation to St. Sebastian Parish School football team - CYO Champs!


Here are some wonderful sites:

Chastity Project tries to help you do just that - stay chaste and happy.  Go HERE.

PORN DOES NOT WORK (as sadly, many addicted person has found out.)  TRY LOVE INSTEAD. The Porn Effect is there to try to assist you.  Go HERE.

Theology on Tap has just started in Akron.  Here is the next couple of meetings:

Here is an example of what happens at a ToT.  Thanks to Mary who sent this (long) talk given to a ToT in another diocese.

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