Monday, June 8, 2015


You may remember that about nine months ago a priest was newly assigned to St. Sebastian.  It was a temporary assignment until the new rotations kicked in.  He was introduced to you on Adam's Ale with the following cartoon:
Funny, I never noticed that I left out the word "to" before.  Interesting.

Well the time has flown by, and last weekend we had farewell donuts for Father giving the opportunity for people to say thanks and goodbye. 
Wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Really.


No more photo bombs.  No more dangling participles.  No more staying up too late to play cards.


Chris P. said...

Top 5 things I'll miss about Fr. K.

5) His demeanor with the kids, particularly sending them off to Children's liturgy at 11 on Sundays. Although he never attributed it to Fr. K, when my kid would go to Children's Liturgy in the basement he always seems to come back to the pew saying he learned more the days that Fr. K sent them down. I don't know what it was, if it was his demeanor, or that he took a few seconds to point out the big point that the kids were to listen for, or if it was dumb luck, but whatever it was - he seemed to get the one big point on those days.

4) The Batman pictures hung around Z hall for his birthday.

3) How eager he seemed to learn. I was at RCIA one time when Fr. K shadowed Fr. L to kind of learn what Fr. L was doing there and how he might get better and what he could take to use in the future. I admire people who aren't satisfied and want to get better even when they seem to me to pretty darn good.

2) Fr. K was (is?) flipping amazing in the confession booth. I've never had a priest take whatever shame I went into that booth with and turn it into God's infinite care and love for me so well. He's fantastic. THAT is a gift from God.

and the thing I'll miss most...

1) The Lenten beard. WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW. At first I just thought he was showing off, because it takes me 7 days to develop his five o'clock shadow, but I came to admire that beard as a thing of beauty. Wow. I'm in awe just thinking back about it. I might have to go to a Tridium mass in Parma just to see it again in its full glory. WOW!

Pat said...

First, Fr. Pf. and now Fr. K.

It's hard, Father, when the kids start leaving home.

Robert M Kraus Sr said...

Father Valencheck, what card games do you play? I play euchre, pinochle and solitaire. They play cards over at the West Akron Senior Center. I have gone over there a few times and found a partner and have played euchre. I am not sure that that is going on any more. But maybe there are some other euchre players in the parish and we could get together and have a good time.

Robert Kraus Sr

Fr. V said...

I'm relatively new to pinochle. I know there are a lot of bridge players in the parish. I'm mostly a back alley bridge guy.

Anonymous said...

Hot Sause? Not Sauce?