Tuesday, November 18, 2014


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "There’s a professor at my college who regularly turns his course in psychology into a vaudeville stage for liberal sermons, of no relevance to the subject he is supposed to teach, much to the irritation of his paying customers, the students. But he has academic freedom, which means that he does as he pleases, and laughs as he fleeces." from Anthony Esolen's article, "Clerical Freedom and Academic Freedom"
QUOTE II:  "No one is compelled to go to church. But millions of children are compelled to go to school, and if they end up with Miss Pedigree, that’s tough luck for them. They must grin and bear it; just as if we could imagine the leaders of Planned Parenthood hauled by law into a cathedral every Sunday to hear the message that when they kill babies it is babies they are killing. People in church may leave, but children in school cannot, and students in universities have not all that much more liberty, practically speaking, than they did when they sat smoldering in the sixth grade." same source
Wondering what the quotes above are all about?  Matt sent in this clever article comparing religious freedom and academic freedom.  Thanks.
You can find a video HERE that was sent in concerning the intolerance of the tolerance movement.  It might just make you mad so don't watch it if you want to be in a good mood.
Karen sent this in:  "Dear Father Valencheck,
That's LA for Louisiana, where it's nice in warm in March. Please alert your members to our upcoming conference in warm Ponchatoula, Louisiana (close to New Orleans), home of the world's only, life-sized, public statue of G.K. Chesterton (This is a post Mardi Gras event so no worries about the crowds!). Thank you!"

Just in case you did watch that video above, HERE is a humorous article sent in by Adam to improve your mood entitled, "What If Pope Francis' Translators Translated Other Stuff In History?"
Yet another reason we started the Academy of Culture and Arts at St. Sebastian:  Although this is in England, you get the point of THIS article.  Thanks Adam.
Fr. O sent in THIS link to another great Catholic blog called the Catholic Gentleman.  Thanks
FYI for locals:
Fr. Mark Haydu LC International Director of the Patron of the Arts of the Vatican Museum in the Vatican will be visiting St. Sebastian this coming weekend (Feast of Christ the King.)  He will celebrate the 9:00AM Mass with us and also make available for purchase (and signing) his new book.  See more HERE.
ON THE SAME DAY: Concert at St. Sebastian 4:00.  The Singer's Companye and Miller South choirs will combine with a small orchestra to give us another outstanding concert.  Tickets are $15 at the door.


MaryofSharon said...

So glad to hear that Fr. Haydu is going to be at St. Sebastian. His books are beautiful and inspiring, suitable for prayer, guiding the reader into an understanding of how art can inspire prayer. On his publisher's Vatican Art series site you can get a really good look at sample pages of his new book on angels.

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