Tuesday, September 10, 2013


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "One could easily seek forgiveness from God, but from one's neighbors?  They were an entirely different matter."  from Jeff Sypseck's, "Becoming Charlemagne"
QUOTE II:  "But rude people are notoriously oblivious to shame . . ."  Miss Manners
MOTHER THOMAS:  There was no post on Monday.  Things are busy around here for a number of reasons one of which is a project coming up this weekend at which Mother Thomas of the Poor Clares in Cleveland will be giving a talk on Art and Contemplation during a champagne luncheon served after the 11:00 Mass celebrated by Bishop Gries OSB this weekend.  Mother Thomas is a cloistered nun who has not left the convent since the 1950s save for medical purposes.  A respected artist, she is helping us announce a new Academy of Culture and Arts at the parish.  Read more about her here
ACA:  The event at which she is speaking is to help us announce a parish initiative to promote arts and culture.  The Academy of Culture and Arts will provide lessons in art, music, and languages for people of all ages in the community.  The event is open to all and is only $15.  You can read more about the Academy here and order tickets here.
A National Catholic Reporter article:  7 trends to watch in the discussion over religious vs gay rights.  Read more here.
Frank sent this 4:17 video in.  Interesting.  Thanks.

Mary sent this 6 minute video in concerning the question as to whether there is such a thing as architectural theology for churches.  It is part one of ten.  I hope you enjoy.


Annie Dixon said...

Ooohh! Three of my favorite things: the church, the arts, and champagne!! Kudos for bringing it all together; wishing I lived in Cleveland and could attend the brunch...

Pat said...


Thanks for posting the article on religious rights vs. gay rights.

Those in favor of so-called same-sex marriage say it is just a private matter. Live and let live.

Perhaps . . . unless you are a military chaplain, baker, printer, justice of the peace, counselor, public school teacher, the parents of children in the public schools and on and on. Stiff legal penalties are currently pending or being enforced on people who have conscientiously objected to direct involvement in SSM. In the case of the baker, both her customers and her suppliers were harassed, as well. She recently closed her doors.

Yet, these (numerous) cases are practically unknown. Those who favor SSM don't want the rest of us to know what will happen to those who conscientiously object in some way.

These things are not "scare mongering tactics of the religious right." They are facts. Happening right now.