Thursday, August 22, 2013


Things like this crack me up: This is an excerpt from article that appeared recently, “Ultra-modern Catholic churches ‘sometimes go wrong,’ failing to reflect the essential elements of the faith, said Cardinal Gianfraco Ravasi, prefect of the Pontifical Council for Culture.” 
Did you even know that we had a Pontifical Council for Culture?  Yet there it is.  Is it not amazing that we have a Church that is so large and can have such a significant sway on the world that we would even have a need for Pontifical Council for Culture to analyze, report, and make suggestions for improvement?

As it is said, “Size doesn’t matter.”  You might have the largest religion in the world, but if it isn’t true who cares?  But as it is, the Catholic Church is the largest Christian Church in the world (even if you add up every Protestant Church in one huge bunch, they would still not match the number of people in the Catholic Church) AND I happen to believe that she holds the fullness of truth.  That makes having a Pontifical Council for Culture all that much cooler.
There is a local non-Catholic Church that is very excited that they now have three campuses in very diverse neighborhoods.  We have 221,055 parishes that make just about anybody’s idea of being diverse silly.  And when other Churches are excited about going to a country where a disaster has occurred to help, chances are that the Catholic Church has already been there ministering for as long as people can remember and will be there after the present emergency has passed.  Today, we will clothe more people, educate more people, feed more people, shelter more people, give medical treatment to more people than any other institution on the planet. 
And how many organizations out there can go toe to toe with such institutions as the United States government or with the United Nations?  What other institution out there is there of this caliber that is still speaking out for the rights of the unborn?  What other powerful group has not fallen to the pressure of modern cultural pressure who can do something about it? 


Who else has a Pontifical Council for Culture????


Pat said...

In the mid-1980s, a Protestant who had converted to Catholicism cited his personal experience about discussing "current" moral topics with fellow Protestants in a study group.

Inevitably, they wanted to read "what the Catholic Church" had to say about the issue. Eventually he realized that he had to become Catholic.

Nan said...

The Catholic Church is the lone moral authority that isn't changing with societal changes. That's one reason so many hate us and want to break the Church.