Tuesday, April 10, 2012


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  “I say you cannot really understand any myths till you have found that one of them is not a myth. Turnip ghosts mean nothing if there are no real ghosts. Forged bank-notes mean nothing if there are no real bank-notes. Heathen gods mean nothing, and must always mean nothing, to those of us that deny the Christian God. When once a god is admitted, even a false god, the Cosmos begins to know its place: which is the second place. When once it is the real God the Cosmos falls down before Him, offering flowers in spring as flames in winter.”  from G. K. Chesterton's, "Miscellany of Men"


IT'S ORGAN WEEK:  The Schantz Organ Company has arrived at St. Sebastian and has begun removing our organ from the choir loft!  I must say they work quickly!

P.V. sent this cool site in,  "The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life (in 2007) developed a map of state-by-state religious affiliation based upon random telephone interviews. Roll the cursor over a particular state to see the percentage of participation for various denominations and religions."

A couple of people sent this in:  Do you want to know what the typical new nun  looks like these days?  Maybe you have a vocation and you fit right in!  See more here.  It may surprise you!

Here's a video and pictures from St. Sebastian Parish's 9:00AM Easter service. 

M. S. Sent this in:  "On a more somber note, on Wednesday a US District Court ruled that executions may resume in Ohio in April. We turn our attention to asking Governor Kasich to grant mercy to Mark Wiles, the Portage County man scheduled to be executed on April 18." Read more on this and on Ohio's death penalty law here. Very interesting.

Fr. D has another great post on Word on Fire.  See it here!

Four and a half minutes of the wonders of modern technology meeting the pipe organ.

Lynn wants you to know this: "Come check out this unique experience of listening to 8 hand bell choirs perform together and separately. Concert is ONLY an hour and starts at 4 p.m. in Zhall (at St. Sebastian) this coming Sunday, April 15th." Free admission.

Frank sent this in. These make me happy:

You can find a video of one of the St. Sebastian Parish tours of the Schantz Organ Company here.

There is a new Christian movie coming out called Touchback. Brian Presley, one of the stars of the movie, talks about his reversion to Christianity in this short video. 4 minutes.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to find out who said what a nun looks like today, So I clicked . . got a web site entitled 'catholic culture' what a bore


Adoro said...

@mk ~ sure it's a "bore" to those who aren't called to a religious Vocation, don't respect it, and, well...aren't interested in reality in the Church today.

Sure the article is boring as it's statistics and not pictures, but pics can be found quite easily.