Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Shake it off” coach would say when you were injured on the court. What he did want? For his team to focus back on the game. Don’t get caught up on who injured you. Uncontrolled anger and retaliation are the beginning of the loss of the game. And there is a certain amount of pain that one needs to learn to live with. If it is greater than that, then you need attention or rest. But if you are still able to play – shake it off.

There are a lot of spiritual reasons also for “offering it up.” When injured physically, mentally, or spiritually we often here this direction. “Offer it up for the poor souls.” One facet of offering it up is close to shaking it off. By offering it up you are also letting it go. Anger, retaliation, despondency, all the negativity that brought about the injury ends with you. You will not continue the cycle of sin. I will break the chain. You will not lose the game of life.

That does not mean that pains and slights are ignored. They may still need to be dealt with. But cycle of negativity ceases with you as thoughts turn from self to the needs of others who need your prayers and for whom you “offer it up,” using your situation instead of only being used by it.

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