Friday, January 27, 2012

SPECIAL EDITION: Bishops decry HHS rule, urge Catholics to stand up for religious liberty and conscience rights in homilies at Vigil for Life


The following was sent to all parishes late Friday from Bishop Lennon:

“This week the federal government’s Department of Health and Human Services issued a mandate which required religious non-profits to cover sterilization, contraceptive services, and some abortion-inducing drugs as part of their employee healthcare benefits.”

Even if you believe in these things this disregard for our Constitution has far reaching implications. If the establishment clause can be ignored than all of the Constitution may eventually be ignored. Taking action on this new law should be a high priority of all citizens regardless of their personal beliefs.

This weekend a letter concerning the action of our diocese will be read at all Masses and distributed to all Catholics in the Diocese of Cleveland. It is not yet available on-line as of this posting. Please make sure that you read it and ACT!

Here is even more information on the USCCB website on what you can do right now.

Please pray.


Pat said...

"Ora et labora" (pray and work).

Everyone should call their US Representative and Senators, every day. Call both the local and the Washington DC offices.

You will not always be speaking to the same congressional aide. Even if the legislator is not won over, you may be planting seeds within the hearts of their aides.

The message can be short, or it can include some reasons why this mandate violates our freedom of religion. Or it can be an opportunity to educate them on the ill effects of contraception on women's bodies and on male-female relationships.

As Cardinal Donald Wuerl (Washington DC archdiocese said), what is to stop them from adding abortion to the mandate? Nothing.

Be unfailingly polite.

Anonymous said...

Father, your words were a much needed shot in the arm today! Singing Faith of Our Fathers brought a tear to my eye, and was a great reminder of the challenge that is at hand. May God bless our Bishop and wonderful priests! And may He give His people the courage to fight for our Faith!

Anonymous said...

I love Bishop Lennon. It takes a great deal of courage to say what people do not want to hear, but what they need to hear. It would have been easy for him to slide into the background and let others take the static he will inevitably have to bear, but he is doing what is right. I feel very lucky to have a bishop who is faithful enough to take this principled stand. He is caring for our souls.

We MUST support Bishop Lennon and his fellow bishops on this.

Susan from SB+SM