Tuesday, November 15, 2011


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “What the world needs today is a three hundred pound, cigar smoking saint.” Dale Alquist at a talk about Chesterton and education this past Saturday in Cleveland

QUOTE II: “We all wish that we were Chesterton, but we are more probably like Belloc.” Same.


This past weekend a few of us from the Saint Sebastian Chesterton Society went to the Mayfield Country Club to hear a talk by Dale Alquist. It was a fundraiser for the Lyceum, a Catholic classical education high school. Our group has a quirk requirment for membership. We will only accept certain names and so our membership is Matt, Matt, Matt, Mike, Mike, Mike, John, John, and one Elizabeth. Actually that't just the way it turned out. We do seem to have a difficult time keeping ladies at our meetings. It might have something to do with the cigar smoke.

The presentation was excellent - here's a shout out to our friends from the other Ohio and western PA Chesterton Societies. It was great to see all of you for such a great event and at such a wonderful venue.

There is a cause to see if Chesterton might be recognized as a saint. This is an old article but might answer some of your questions. If anyone has current information I would appreciate it. Chesterton pray for us!

This in: "This is Martin from John Paul the Great Catholic University. I'm writing to introduce you to our new entertainment blog.

"JP Catholic's new entertainment blog looks at the film industry from the perspective of professionals working to make a positive impact. It will feature content from JP Catholic faculty and graduates who are currently working within the industry." See it here.

From the Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter: "Did you know, the Catholic War Veterans of the United States of America is the only Catholic based organization whose membership is solely made up of military veterans and whose main focus is to help other veterans in need?" See more here.

No videos today.  Something is messed up with our computers and I cannot see any videos. 


Anonymous said...

my middle name begins with "M" . . . . it's Mary . . . . do I qualify?


Anonymous said...

a local post of the Catholic War Veterans was established at St Sebastian Church after World War II . . . an enthusiastic group of 150 veterans led by Willie Richards (an old St Sebastian guy) signed a charter document establishing the new post. Father Zwisler (a vet of World War I) signed. my father, also a vet of WWI, signed. Ralph Witt has that charter document (I had it, but I gave it to him); I wonder what he did with it.
It was a great organization. It had an an auxiliary . . . the Vets Wives . . . they were better than the guys . . . it's all over and past . . . almost all of them are dead . . . RIP


Fr. V said...


Yes, an "M" would work out just fine.

Thanks for the info. I would bet the Mr. Witt still has it.

Fr. V

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Those Chesterton meetings must get awfully confusing! ;-)

Sharon said...

Something is messed up with our computers and I cannot see any videos.

I have just spent 4, yes 4, hours on the phone whilst a succession of tech blokes tried to remedy the above situation. As a final resort the last fella signed me up for Google Chrome and so far, so good. One of the programmes I missed was the first episode of Catholicism - *wailing and gnashing of teeth!*