Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So yesterday I was picking up something off of the ground in the garage when my cell phone slipped out of my pocket and hit the cement floor. It bounced one, twice, and finally came to rest on the hard surface of the garage. I did not hold out much hope. But lo! It seems to be just fine. I’ve not been this impressed since I washed and dried it and it resurrected after three days.

I remember a time when electronic devices were not that reliable. A drop (or a washing) like that meant doom. That was the end. Get your cash and go to the store. (Shoot, this was the way my Etchascetch stopped working.) Think what you want about modern electronic devices but as they used to say, “We’ve come a long way baby.”

Now think of the soul. The closer we grow to God the stronger our soul, our will, our fortitude becomes. It does not mean that we will never take it on the chin, in fact in this world we can pretty much be assured that we will, but the soul made stronger by God’s grace, exposed to it by prayer, sacraments, and study, will make it less susceptible to cracks, faults, or failures.

Unfortunately people tend to pray only when the need something. It would do no good only to decide that one wants a phone that doesn’t break at the point when it is dropped on cement. Likewise one cannot develop a very helpful relationship with the One who will see you through a hard time if you are only going to work in it when going through the hard time. We are to be in relationship with God so that when the hard times hit, the relationship is advanced in such a way that He can give us much needed help. Like advanced technology, advanced grace-ology is available for upgrade now. Get the upgrade before it is needed so that when it is, like the foolish virgins, you don’t have to run to the store because you are ready to go.


Matt W said...

I was so hoping that the anecdote would end with a new Magic Phone on Mull Ave (that's my anti-Distributist side coming out). Alas, the message was even better.

Cracked Pot said...

Excellent post, Father.

May I add that it is easier to ask for help from Someone I know than from Someone I don't know.