Friday, August 19, 2011


Here is a little bit of an unusual Friday Potpourri. There is a job position open at St. Sebastian Parish. Let people know about it!

The Director of Religious Education (DRE) for Saint Sebastian Parish is to be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church who makes the Eucharist the source and summit of his or her life and ministry. Experience is required either by way of education or practical experience. Knowledge of the Theology of the Body is required. A cooperative/collaborative attitude with the staff will be needed especially at the beginning of the DRE’s ministry. This is to be coupled with excellent leadership skills. The DRE must be able to relate well to persons of all ages and be comfortable with a wide spectrum of expressions of the Catholic faith.

The job will begin as a part time position with an eye on developing into a full time position a few years down the line. Since the duties of the position are already held by a number of persons employed at the parish, the first couple of years much of the position’s core responsibilities will consist in assisting others in the execution of the ministries.

Other duties would include the organizing, development, and overseeing of the religious instruction of the parish for persons of all ages either in cooperation with others when necessary or as new ministries. This includes not only school age youth but adult formation and education as well. Other programs need to be updated and your assistance with this is vital.

A spirit of cooperation with our cluster parishes of St. Vincent and Sts. Bernard and Mary is necessary. While not necessarily going to their sites to put on a program, your working with them as far as scheduling, exchanging programs, and keeping information flowing is necessary. Also attendance at required diocesan meeting and other diocesan meetings as deemed worthy is a must.

Keeping track of Virtus training of like records for all persons involved in youth ministries will be the role of the DRE.

Remaining with the budget of the parish is absolute without expressed permission.

Professional and appropriate attire is expected.

Adherence to diocesan mandates of employment including and especially as it pertains to the Church’s protection of minors is absolute both for the DRE and any other person working with our youth.

Self transportation is required. (Driver’s license and a car.)

Attendance at staff meetings is always mandatory (first Tuesday of the month at 9:30.) Also attendance at select school, parish finance, and parish council meetings will be expected.

There should be a familiarity with Diocesan educational guidelines.

There is no deadline for this placement. We will wait for the right person.

Send resumes to:

Fr. Valencheck
RE: DRE Position
476 Mull Avenue
Akron, OH 44320


Anonymous said...

Directly Responsible for Everything! I can't apply but had a question re TOB. Knowledge of west's approach, others approach, actual talks or all of the above?


Fr. V said...

Any kind of familiarity - enough to hold a decent conversation about it would do - or perhaps a willingness to go to a workshop . . .

Baron Korf said...

Any requirements for seafaring or rope climbing?

Fr. V said...


It took me a second but I got and got a good laugh. THanks!

Anonymous said...

Is this position still open?