Tuesday, October 13, 2009


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “Ironically, to say that science is the only begetter of truth is self-contradicting, because that statement in itself cannot be tested by the scientific method. It’s a self defeating philosophical assumption.” Attributed to Stephen C. Meyer PhD in Lee Strobel’s, “The Case for a Creator”

QUOTE II: “Moderate strength is shown in violence, supreme strength in levity.” from G. K. Chesterton’s, “The Man Who Was Thursday”


ANSWERS TO FRIDAY’S QUIZ: How on earth did you know the answers. I hadn’t a clue to most of them. Did I give horribly poor alternatives? Or is there that much hope out there for knowledge about the faith?

Perpetual Abbess: b) Head of errant French abbies. There was the bad habit if appointing lay persons abbot or abbess so that they could collect revenues of the monastery. Mary was elected perpetual abbess of the Benedictines so that they could avoid this practice.

Client: c) Someone who places themselves in the care of Mary.

Crown of 12 stars: a) From the book of Revelations.

Our Lady's Dowry: a) England as at one time England was so devoted to her and the Catholic Church and so should surpass the rest of the world in their devotion. Times change.

Dormition: c) Assumption - since she did not die but fell asleep when assumed into heaven.

Garden Enclosed: b) From the Song of Songs, "My bride, my true love, is a garden enclosed, a fountain sealed up."

Farced Gloria: c) Farcing is "filling up," or adding phrases between lines of a psalm, hymn, or even the Gloria and so forth. Often on feasts of Our Lady words to her honor might have been added.


I completely forgot about this. There is still some good news about in Catholic architecture. Rob sent this link in to see pictures of the church they are building out where he lives. Thanks Rob.

Ever wanted to know more about Our Lady of Czestachowa? Lou sent in this link. Thanks - it will thrill Fr. Swirski!

This is a great 3 minute video sent in by PV. Thanks.

Here is an early fall picture (albeit blury) from the bell tower looking across West Akron toward St. Paul's.


Pat said...

Thank you, Father, for passing on the link for Our Lady of Czestochowa. My mother's family is Polish, so I grew up under Her shadow and protection. How gracious is Our Lady that she comes to each nation.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a nice picture!