Tuesday, June 4, 2019


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Bishops should carefully teach this:  that, by means of the histories of the mysteries of our Redemption, portrayed by paintings or other representations, the people is instructed and confirmed in [the habit of] remembering, and continually mediating upon the articles of faith . . . and may be excited to adore and love God . . ."  from the Council of Trent as found in Elizabeth Lev's book, "How the Catholic Art Saved the Faith."


By the way, I highly recommend the above book.  

Here is a catch up on some things sent it:

S. D. sent in THIS article.  If you hadn't heard, a local municipality passed ordinances that would threaten to close a Catholic school that would not adhere to the local government's imposed sexual morality.  Apparently it has finally been resolved.

P. V. sent in THIS article about a young artist who grew up in St. Sebastian parish.

E. P. sent in THIS article about Pope Emeritus Benedict thoughts on not having proper respect for the Eucharist.

The summer seminarian Joe making friends with another resident at St. Sebastian
I just thought this was a cool picture of the rectory at night.
Former resident seminarian now newly ordained Fr. David Stavarz giving blessings after his Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Sebastian this past weekend.
 My class after having our 21st ordination anniversary dinner at St. Sebastian last week:
I ordered a couple of hundred copies of this book for St. Sebastianites.  We hope to have some book studies on this.  It should be arriving in July.  Here is a half hour story about it.

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