Sunday, June 9, 2019


 There is tons of Tupperware at the house.  It fills the kitchen, the laundry room and the pantry.  Very kind people drop off food and we clean whatever they give us and store it for them to pick it up.  The problem has become that there is so much, nobody wants to wade through it anymore to find what belongs to them.

Marcy had a great idea.  We should have an ice cream social and invite all of our beloved cooks over to pick up their plates.  So we hauled all of the stuff out of the house - banquet tables full, Marcy got ice cream, and we waited.
 It was true.  Nobody took anything.  So we started reading the names on the stickers on the bottom.
 The problem wasn't that people were not picking up their Tupperware because they were!  The stuff that was left over was from people who were no longer in Akron. 
I feel a yard sale coming on.


Kim said...

Recycle it.

Anonymous said...

If you cannot get the owners to retrieve their containers, maybe the teachers at your parish school can use them. I volunteer at St. Mary School (Akron), and helped scrub down the school rooms one summer. All the teachers seem to have a system of sorting out teaching materials, and it might be helpful for them to be able to keep things (crayons, holy cards, etc.) separated, neat, and clean. The teachers sometimes spend their own money to buy containers or other materials for class. Just a thought! Warmest blessings to everyone at St. Sebastian - Sue from St. Bernard

Fr. V said...

Great ideas!

Father Cory Sticha said...

This is why I'm glad people are using more of the cheap storage containers. I don't feel so bad about tossing/recycling those since they're generally a dollar or two a piece.